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Heroin Rehab Near Me: Top Rated Heroin Rehab Anaheim, California

Over the course of the last 15 years, heroin-related deaths have increased by nearly 70%. While the clamp-down on prescription drug opioids has helped fuel the resurgence in heroin abuse disorders, the availability of cheap heroin has also led to an increase in heroin addiction. Whether heroin or another addictive drug, substance abuse is deadly and will undermine mental and physical health–either over time or after one acutely serious use. 

The Detox Center of LA specializes in heroin addiction treatment for residents of Anaheim, San Bernardino, Huntington Beach, and other nearby areas. We even attract clients from as far off as Northern California as well as out-of-state residents with our clinically driven substance disorders treatment. If you’re struggling with a heroin addiction or other drug and alcohol addiction, you can rely on The Detox Center of LA for world-class substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Why Choose TDCLA

If you are addicted to heroin and are a resident of Anaheim, California, or other communities in the state, choose The Detox Center of LA for our high-quality inpatient treatment programs and medical detox. Our evidence-based treatments and holistic approach to wellness provide a strong recovery foundation. Contact us to learn more about our treatment programs and our enrollment process today.

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Best Heroin Rehab Center for Anaheim Residents

If you live in Anaheim, California, and are searching for an addiction treatment center that delivers personalized care and a wide range of conventional and holistic substance abuse treatments, choose The Detox Center of LA. As a leading Anaheim addiction treatment provider, The Detox Center of LA features a luxe recovery treatment facility complemented by comfortable furnishings, chef-prepared meals, relaxing lounging spaces, and many other amenities that support the recovery process. 

We feature medically supervised detox programs and inpatient treatment programs for drug addictions like heroin addiction and prescription drug addiction. Our clinicians also treat dual diagnoses and can offer medication-assisted treatment, which is particularly helpful for treating heroin addiction. After completing our residential rehab program, many clients transition to outpatient treatment offered by our nearby addiction treatment network partners. Whether you live in Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, or Los Angeles, California, you can depend on us to help you find a local outpatient rehab after completing your inpatient drug addiction treatment at our drug rehab center.

Types of Addiction Treatment for Heroin Addiction We Offer

The Detox Center of LA features medication-assisted detox and inpatient treatment programs at our rehab facility. We rely on a combination of addiction treatments that include evidence-based treatments and holistic therapies. Each treatment targets a different aspect of drug and alcohol addiction and the recovery process. Unlike other rehab centers in Anaheim, CA, we offer a wide array of therapies designed to support mental and physical recovery. Some of the treatments we offer include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, family therapy, restorative yoga, relapse prevention, healing through creativity, life skills training, health awareness, emotional self-regulation, anger management, distress tolerance management, 12-step principles, and much more.

Heroin Detox

Most clients begin their addiction recovery journey with medical detox. Our recovery center features medication-assisted detox treatments that can reduce unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Many of our clients also rely on medication-assisted treatment that can reduce opioid cravings and keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. We offer medically assisted detox that’s safe and supportive. Our medical caregivers monitor each client’s health during the detox process and provide treatments that can enhance their comfort and well-being. Once detox is complete, clients can begin the next phase of their addiction treatment plan.

Inpatient Heroin Rehab

The Detox Center of LA features inpatient treatment programs for alcoholism and drug addictions like heroin addiction. As a top rehab in Los Angeles, California, we tailor treatment plans to each individual client. Residential treatment is ideal for clients as they begin their recovery journey because they can focus on their treatment plans without outside distractions. While they’re unstable and just beginning to learn techniques for managing their heroin addiction, they can keep triggers at bay and immerse themselves in their recovery therapies.

Outpatient Heroin Rehab

Although The Detox Center of LA is an inpatient detox and drug rehab facility, we frequently refer clients to our area network partners if they need intensive outpatient treatment and continuing outpatient addiction support in communities like Huntington Beach or San Juan Capistrano. Some of our network treatment centers offer sober living home facilities and controlled substance drug tests. We can help you find outpatient drug rehabs that suit your ongoing treatment needs.

How Long Is Heroin Rehab?

The heroin rehab process is individualized. Some people reach their inpatient treatment milestones in a month. Others require a longer period of support. Clients who enroll in our medical detox program usually require between 5 to 10 days to detox from heroin or other drugs and alcohol. Researchers have found that the longer someone spends in rehab getting behavioral health treatment for their addiction, the less likely they are to relapse.

What Is Heroin Rehab Like?

At our rehab treatment center, heroin recovery begins with your first day of detox or rehab treatment. Our clinicians provide empathetic care, partnering with clients during the early stages of their recovery journey. Clients can expect to participate in individual counseling sessions as well as group therapies. We also offer a wide array of amenities like chef-prepared meals and a fitness center to enhance the recovery process.

12 Step Heroin Rehab Anaheim

The Detox Center of LA provides 12-step program facilitation. We introduce clients to the principles that govern 12-step programs for drug and alcohol addiction. Having experienced these principles in our drug rehab, clients often transition to local 12-step groups in their local communities like Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, or Laguna Hills once they return back home. People in recovery can attend their local 12-step groups indefinitely as a means of recovery maintenance and to support other people struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction.

Executive Drug Rehab for Heroin Anaheim

Anyone can become addicted to heroin–even executives, CEOs, and other professionals. At our drug abuse center in California, we treat people from all walks of life with executive-level amenities and personalized attention. Drug and alcohol addiction affects mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters of all stripes. With our evidence-based treatment, holistic therapies, individualized behavioral therapy, and luxe recovery amenities, we help each client forge a path to addiction recovery.

Breathwork Therapy

During drugs and alcohol addiction treatment at The Detox Center of LA, clients practice many different strategies for managing triggers to use drugs. Breathwork therapy is a useful technique that helps clients cope with stress. We help clients develop breathing techniques that help them cope in stressful situations. Stress is a trigger for relapse. Many of the treatments offered at our alcohol and drug recovery center take a holistic approach to addiction management. Breathwork therapy also supports clients who have a dual diagnosis like an anxiety disorder.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a leading conventional drug abuse treatment that can help clients understand how their thoughts and feelings can lead to negative behaviors. In order to make authentic lifestyle changes, clients must address ways to cope with unhealthy thoughts and negative emotions that can drive their substance abuse problem. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also a core treatment for dual diagnosis.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy is another traditional drug addiction treatment designed to help clients manage their negative emotions, which are key triggers of substance abuse. During individual treatment sessions, clients practice distress tolerance. With improved stress management and emotional regulation, clients will begin to find it easier to manage their addiction and keep their recovery progress on track.

Family Systems Therapy

Loved ones also suffer when a family member abuses heroin. Our rehab facility features family systems therapy to help families cope with addiction and recovery. During each family therapy session, our therapists help family members understand the compulsions that drive drug addiction as well as how to provide healthful means of support. Our best Anaheim addiction treatment center focuses on improving communication as well as healing broken trust between family members. Family therapy supports addiction recovery for each member of the family unit as well as the client in question.

Trauma-Informed Therapy

Many clients who enroll at rehabs in Anaheim bring past trauma and the emotional upheaval it causes with them. In fact, alcohol and drug rehab is the ideal place to confront trauma. At The Detox Center of LA, we feature trauma-informed therapy that helps clients cope with the trauma or multiple traumas they witnessed or experienced in healthy ways. The emotions associated with trauma can be major drivers of drug abuse. Using heroin can drown out those feelings, at least temporarily, but it also ravishes mental and physical health. At our rehab facility, clients can get support for managing their trauma-related emotions in ways that support healing and sober living.