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Top Rated Outpatient Drug Rehab Center for Anaheim Residents

If you live in Anaheim, California, and are struggling with drug addiction, you can rely on The Detox Center of LA for recovery support. We are a top rehab that offers substance abuse and mental health therapy as well as detox programs. Our treatment center attracts clients from all over the state, including Northern California, Orange County, and communities like Laguna Beach, San Bernardino, Huntington Beach, San Juan Capistrano, and more. 

Substance use disorders will not go away on their own. These are chronic conditions that require ongoing management. At our rehab facility, clients can get personalized addiction therapy that targets their specific needs even if they’re suffering from a dual diagnosis or have multiple addictions. Our Anaheim alcohol & drug abuse services can help you manage your drug addiction to achieve long-term recovery. 

Why Choose The Detox Center of LA

The Detox Center of LA offers top rehab detox programs and drug addiction treatments. While we specialize in inpatient treatment, our network partner rehab centers offer outpatient rehab programs like partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment plans. Our Anaheim alcohol & drug abuse services support long-term recovery because they’re based on evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches. Our network partners share our treatment values.  

If you are a resident of Anaheim, Santa Maria, Simi Valley, or Costa Mesa, let Detox Center of LA help you find the recovery support you need to effectively manage your drug abuse problem. Let us know if you’ve been recommended by the California Department of Health Care or county probation officials so that we can provide you with the documentation you may need for your case management. Remember that substance use disorders are chronic conditions, but with abstinence and effective disease management, you can kick drugs and alcohol to the curb for good.

Help is a Phone Call Away

The Detox Center Los Angeles

If you are searching for an outpatient drug detox near me in Anaheim, CA, or partial hospitalization for substance abuse treatment in Mission Viejo or Chula Vista, you can depend on our drugs and alcohol treatment center for assistance. The Detox Center of LA specializes in residential treatment programs for drugs and alcohol addiction and Anaheim benzo detox programs. However, we partner with area outpatient clinics that offer partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs as well as sober living housing, drug and alcohol intervention, and aftercare support. 

Together with our network of rehab centers, we’re able to provide Anaheim, CA, residents with comprehensive treatment plans that address each client’s recovery needs. Finding rehab programs that are right for you can be the key to your recovery success. 

Drug Rehab That Allows You To Still Go To Work & School (Can I go to Work and School During Rehab?)

Many residents search for an addiction treatment center in Anaheim that offers flexible treatment programming that allows them to attend work or school or continue to provide care for their families. Our alcohol and drug rehab features residential treatment programs because many clients need extensive inpatient support as they begin their recovery journey. However, as clients progress through treatment and grow in stability, they can transfer to our network partner treatment centers for outpatient programs that offer terrific flexibility. 

Outpatient treatment is ideal for clients who are reintegrating back to their lives and need more flexible addiction treatments. Some outpatient rehab programs like partial hospitalization plans are generally not flexible enough to allow for  this type of flexibility as clients usually meet five to six days for treatment that lasts throughout the day. 

Benefits of Outpatient Drug Rehab

Outpatient drug rehab can be a good fit for some clients. Many outpatient treatment programs leave clients with plenty of free time to rebuild their lives or attend work and school. Some programs are more stringent in their requirements, however, but these outpatient programs may be ideal for clients who need extensive support but still wish to sleep at home. 

Outpatient programs are not always ideal for clients who are highly vulnerable to relapse and feel unstable. Some clients don’t have supportive homes or simply aren’t ready to lead a sober life on their own. When you visit our recovery center, we can assess your condition and recommend the best treatment plan for your needs.

What To Expect During Outpatient Rehab

When enrolled in outpatient rehab, you can expect to participate in individual therapy and group therapy. Treatment should help you develop strategies for managing your triggers and keeping your recovery on track. Outpatient addiction treatment can be immensely supportive, but if it’s not supportive enough for you, you may prefer our inpatient treatment for Anaheim residents. 

How Long Does Outpatient Rehab Anaheim Last?

Outpatient clinics usually offer treatment programs that last for 30, 60, or 90 days. Some people are able to achieve their recovery goals in a month. These individuals may already have completed a residential treatment program or have been through medical detox. Some clients have a dual diagnosis that can complicate their recovery plan. They need additional behavioral therapy that targets their mental illness. This may require the need for more time in formal rehab treatment. 

An outpatient recovery plan can offer clients flexibility. Depending on the type of plan in question, clients may only attend therapy a few times each week in the morning or evening. Some outpatient programs are more supportive, offering daylong treatment 5-6 days per week. It’s not uncommon for clients to gradually diminish their treatment sessions as they grow in their ability to manage their condition and transition back to their everyday lives. 

Our partner rehab centers in Anaheim offer outpatient programs that are flexible and governed by both conventional therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy and holistic treatments like yoga and meditation. If you are searching for outpatient drug and alcohol treatment in Anaheim, Garden Grove, Santa Cruz, or Moreno Valley, rely on The Detox Center of LA for help finding the ideal recovery programs for your needs and schedule.

IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program)

An intensive outpatient program can support lasting recovery with drug and alcohol treatment. An IOP program meets less frequently than residential treatment programs and partial hospitalization programs. However, as clients grow in stability and are better able to manage their addiction, they require less formal support, which makes an IOP a good fit for where they happen to be in their recovery journey.

Inpatient rehab is ideal for clients who are very unstable and still quite vulnerable to relapse. This type of treatment, which is available at our rehab facility, offers the most extensive level of support. A drug rehab center that offers outpatient treatment may not offer inpatient treatment. It’s important to select a treatment center that can fulfill your care needs.

Outpatient treatment programs that are available at our partner rehab centers share our treatment values. For instance, we believe strongly in the necessity for personalized treatment plans. We also embrace addiction treatments that include evidence-based therapies and holistic therapies in order to treat the mind and body.

PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program)

A partial hospitalization program offers recovering individuals a robust level of support. Clients can expect to meet daily for treatment, which usually lasts throughout the day. After treatment, clients can return to their home or sober living home. Like residential treatment programs, PHP programs are highly structured. Clients meet during the morning and afternoon and sometimes during the evening. Downtime is built into these programs, too, in order to ensure that clients get the rest and relaxation they need to promote healing. 

The main difference between inpatient treatment and PHP programs is that clients remain at their rehab center throughout their treatment program. PHP programs are technically outpatient programs because clients don’t reside at their rehab center. Most PHP programs require that clients attend therapy five to six days treatment per week.

Although The Detox Center of LA does not offer PHP drugs and alcohol treatment programs, many of our partner treatment centers in cities like Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa, and Yuba City do. We can help you locate a PHP program in your vicinity, ensuring that you get the recovery support you need. 

Which Outpatient Treatment, IOP or PHP Is Right For Me?

Not sure which type of treatment program is the best fit for you? Let our behavioral health team help you find the ideal program to suit your treatment needs. Outpatient treatment centers in Anaheim, CA, may have the program you’re looking for. When you visit us, we can evaluate your condition, helping you to choose the best treatment programs for you.

Keep in mind that a PHP treatment program offers an extensive level of support, much like residential treatment programs offered at our rehab center. IOP programs meet fewer times each week; these programs are best for clients who are transitioning back to their everyday lives and are highly stable and able to ward off relapse. If you need medication-assisted treatment MAT, dual diagnosis treatment, or family therapy, for instance, we can also help you find a program that includes the addiction therapies you’re looking for in communities like Thousand Oaks, Santa Clarita, or Daly City.