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Top Rated Prescription Drug Rehab for Anaheim Residents

Prescription drug addiction has been impacting the lives of thousands of California residents and creating significant concerns for the health and well-being of drug abusers engaging in substance abuse. With the growing number of Americans and Californians that have been experiencing drug overdose and overdose death, in California alone, the majority of overdose-related deaths have been due to prescription drug abuse, specifically prescription painkillers and opioids. With the rising concern of opioid overdose, it is more pressing than ever for Anaheim residents to receive the support and guidance that is needed to overcome their prescription drug addiction.

Many individuals will enter into a prescription drug addiction without the intention of doing so. Your use of prescription drugs often begins as a method to treat an ongoing co-occurring disorder including mental health disorders or physical ailments. However, when you are someone that has underlying emotions or a history of trauma, the allure of an escape with prescription drugs can become easily appealing in order to attempt to self-medicate. Oftentimes, the presenting symptoms of your original medical concern will become heightened or worsened once you begin abusing drugs. This will develop into a cycle of drug abuse as you attempt to manage the worsening symptoms of your drug addiction and continue to build a tolerance towards prescription drugs cause you to have to use more to reach the same desired effect. 

Why Choose TDCLA

At The Detox Center of LA, our team is dedicated to empowering each and every one of our patients to find their way in their healing journey and begin to discover their passion for life again. We provide patients with a safe, nonjudgmental space where they can release any negative thoughts or emotions and start healing and growing from the emotions and traumas that have influenced their addictive behaviors. Our team will ensure that you are provided with addiction treatment, mental health treatment, and physical or nutritional therapy that will provide you with a whole-person integrated approach to addiction recovery. Contact us today, (561) 264- 5881,  to give yourself the gift of a newfound way of life in addiction recovery. 

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The Detox Center Los Angeles

At The Detox Center of LA, we offer our patients a continuum of care that will support them in healing from their drug addiction while gaining the tools and coping skills to live a healthy, balanced life in addiction recovery. Our team provides patients with an individualized treatment plan that is based on their specific health needs physically, emotionally, and physiologically. Each person living with an addiction will have developed that addiction for their own unique set of reasons and underlying causes which is why your treatment programs will be based on your goals for addiction recovery. We offer a variety of levels of care including a medical detox program that will support you in safely removing the physical dependence on prescription drugs, an inpatient residential treatment program that will address your root causes of drug addiction while providing you with the tools for maintaining life in sober living, and outpatient treatment programs or aftercare supports that will support you in achieving long term sobriety. We are committed to helping you overcome your addiction and start on your road to recovery. 

What Is RX Rehab Like?

When you first arrive at our treatment centers, you will meet with your case manager who will work with you to complete initial assessments that will help to capture the unique needs that you require from a treatment program.  Your case manager will complete assessments including a needs assessment and a SNAP (Strengths, Needs, Abilities, Preferences) assessment that will support our team in gaining an understanding of how your substance use disorders have impacted your day-to-day life and begin to discuss what your goals are for addiction recovery. After gathering information from you about your history of substance abuse, our case managers will be able to create a treatment plan that is based on your specific needs and goals for addiction recovery. 

During this initial process, our team will be able to determine if you will need the support of a drug detox before beginning your inpatient treatment program. The use of prescription drugs will create a physical dependency within drug abusers that will need to be closely monitored as you begin the process of quitting drug use. Our comprehensive drug detox program will support you in safely removing the use of prescription drugs from your life with the support of supervision as you slowly taper off of prescription medications or it can include a gradual tapering off method. Both treatment approaches will support patients in safely overcoming addiction and reducing the risk of severe withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings. As your body begins to heal from the physical dependency of drug addiction, you will be ready to start your recovery journey in inpatient treatment. 

What To Expect During RX Rehab

Once you begin your inpatient treatment program, you will be invited to reside within our treatment facility with other patients that are receiving addiction treatment to undergo treatment approaches and sessions that will support you in overcoming addiction. Your days within inpatient treatment will be structured with individual therapy sessions and group therapy processes that will utilize the best evidence-based treatment methods to support you in gaining an understanding of the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that have influenced your addictive behaviors. Patients will be able to safely address and heal from the underlying causes of their substance use disorders while having the opportunity to create a new foundation and lifestyle in addiction recovery. Our addiction clinicians will work with you to gain the coping skills, life skills, and tools for relapse prevention that will ensure you long-lasting success in addiction recovery. When you are not involved in therapy sessions, you will be invited to participate in social and recreational events around the wellness center that will support you in developing positive social relationships and support from other patients, gaining new hobbies that will foster life in addiction recovery, and support you in focusing on your physical and mental health. 

Patients within our inpatient treatment programs will have the following evidence-based treatment approaches incorporated into your treatment plan: 

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment to provide substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment
  • Holistic treatment methods
  • Life skills development
  • Relapse prevention skill development that will support you in developing the coping skills and strategies to maintain long-term sober living
  • 12-step programs including narcotics anonymous and smart recovery
  • Medication-assisted treatment or MAT in Anaheim

How Long Does RX Rehab Anaheim Last?

Each individual person will have their own unique history with drug addiction that will require a personalized approach to healing that meets your specific needs. There is no one size fits all approach to addiction treatment as each person will need to take the time you need to safely heal from your drug addiction. Patients will be provided with options to attend inpatient rehab for 30, 60, or 90 days depending on your specific circumstances and preferences. It can be hard to know how long you will need in addiction treatment when you are first seeking support for addiction recovery. If you decide on a short term option of 30 or 60 days initially and decide within your time in Anaheim drug rehab that you would like more time to engage in addiction treatment, you are welcome to extend your time by 30 day increments to allow yourself ample time to heal from your drug addiction and ensure you stay on your road to recovery. 

Top Abused Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs come in many forms and types of drugs. Californians will commonly abuse the following popular prescription drugs: 

  • Opioids: Oxycodone, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, or Morphine
  • Benzodiazepines: Xanax or Valium 
  • Stimulant prescription drugs: Dexedrine, Ritalin, or Adderall
  • Antidepressants: Zoloft, Paxil, or Prozac 
  • Sleeping medications: Ambien, Sonata, or Lunesta 

Methadone Detox Anaheim

At The Detox Center of LA, we offer a drug detox program that will meet your specific needs to treat your substance use disorders and will be adjusted to support safe detox practices for your specific drug of choice. For individuals living with an opioid use disorder, you have the potential of experiencing significant withdrawal symptoms that could become painful or highly uncomfortable. Individuals within an opioid detox may be provided with methadone to support a safe, comfortable detox process. As you continue to progress through your drug rehab program and are feeling stronger and healthier, you will be able to start tapering off of methadone allowing your body to begin to learn how to manage and function without the support of opioids or an opioid agonist. Our team of accredited and licensed medical professionals will be by your side every step of the way as you move through your drug detox process to ensure that you remain calm, relaxed, and safe throughout your recovery process.