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Meth Rehab Near Me: Top Rated Meth Rehab in Irvine

Meth addiction impacts the lives of thousands of Americans each day and Irvine residents are not immune to the impacts of this highly addictive substance. Overcoming a meth addiction can feel daunting when you attempt to do it on your own but with the support of an addiction treatment program you are able to be provided with the intensive levels of care you require to safely and effectively heal from your drug addiction. The Detox Center of LA offers patients a comprehensive treatment plan that will dig deep into the root causes of your addiction in order to provide you with the emotional and physical healing you need to ensure you have long lasting success in addiction recovery. 

The Detox Center of LA is an addiction treatment center that goes above and beyond to support our patients. We see you as more than just a number. You are a person that deserves to be provided with a comprehensive treatment plan that will be centered around your goals for addiction recovery. We provide a supportive, empowering environment that will help ignite a new passion for life in addiction recovery. Our whole person integrated approach to healing will support you to heal from the impacts of drug addiction through traditional and holistic healing approaches. Contact us today to hear more about the top tier addiction treatment methods offered and begin your road to recovery now.

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Best Meth Rehab Center for Irvine Residents

Choosing to heal from your drug addiction within a recovery center should not feel like a punishment. It is a choice that should be celebrated and honored within a treatment center that offers you the comforts of home while treating you with the dignity and respect that you deserve as you make this life changing transition into sobriety. With the recovery center at The Detox Center of LA, patients are provided with a mutli-faceted team consisting of medical professionals including nurses and physicians and addiction therapists. Our team strives to provide patients with extensive treatment plans that are centered around your individual needs and goals for addiction recovery. Each patient will require varying levels of care which is why we offer different levels of care to meet our patients where they are at in your recovery journey. Irvine residents can choose to participate in the following phases of addiction treatment: 

  • Medical drug detox 
  • Inpatient drug rehab 
  • Outpatient drug treatment programs of partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program 
  • Telehealth or virtual rehab options 
  • Aftercare or alumni support

Types of Addiction Treatment For Meth Addiction We Offer

 Meth addiction is known to have significant impacts on a person’s physical health with many facing serious side effects of heart complications, malnutrition, or dental concerns. This stimulant drug will also significantly alter a person’s behavioral health and mental health that will need to be addressed in your drug rehab program. That is why meth abusers will be provided with various forms of addiction therapy methods that will foster a whole person integrated approach to healing through evidence based therapy methods to ensure your treatment program encompasses all aspects of your addiction. Your individualized treatment plan may include the following therapy approaches:

  • Medication assisted treatment 
  • Dual diagnosis treatment 
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy 
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy 
  • Family therapy sessions 
  • Individual therapy sessions 
  • Group therapy processes 
  • 12 step recovery programs such as narcotics anonymous or  smart recovery
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy 
  • Life skills development 
  • Relapse prevention methods and planning 
  • Holistic treatment methods such as meditation, mindfulness activities, yoga, nutritional therapy, and physical exercise  

Meth Detox

Due to the impacts that meth addiction has within a person’s physical and mental health, it is recommended that you detox from meth within a medical detox program. As you undergo a meth detox, you will experience withdrawal symptoms that can be physically unpleasant and severe mental health symptoms that can include a drug induced psychosis. A medical detox program will offer you the support of onsite nurses and physicians that will monitor your withdrawal symptoms and overall health and wellbeing throughout your time in drug detox. As you experience symptoms or cravings, you will be presented with effective medical and holistic treatments that will maintain your physical and mental health safety while keeping you comfortable and relaxed.

Inpatient Meth Rehab

Inpatient meth rehab provides Irvine residents with the opportunity to begin your healing journey in addiction treatment with the safe and secure environment within our treatment center. For many meth abusers that have been engaged in their drug abuse for a prolonged period of time, an inpatient drug rehab offers a safe haven free of any outside distractions or triggers allowing you to remain focused on your overarching goal of obtaining long term success in addiction recovery. Patients will be provided with a healing environment that is centered around positive development, personal growth, and healing. Each day patients will have a structured daily schedule that consists of therapy sessions, medical support or treatments, physical exercise, and social activities that foster building connections with other patients who will be able to support you in your recovery journey even after you complete your drug rehab program.

Outpatient Meth Rehab

There may be times when some Irvine residents are unable to place your life on hold to complete a drug rehab program. An outpatient meth rehab offers a flexible format to addiction treatment that is mindful of your current responsibilities and commitments while still being able to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that will foster long term addiction recovery. Outpatient rehab is offered in multiple formats including a partial hospitalization program that will invite you to attend the treatment center for up to 6 days a week for a full day rehab schedule. Your treatment schedule will include individual and group therapy sessions that will utilize the same effective  evidence based therapy methods similar to what you would receive in an inpatient drug rehab program. Patients will stay for 6 hours each day and then return home each evening. The other option for outpatient drug rehab is best suited for those individuals that feel confident in your ability to overcome triggers and remain true to your goals of remaining free and clean of drug abuse. An intensive outpatient program asks patients to attend the recovery center for 3-5 days each week for a few hours a time for each visit. This method of outpatient treatment allows patients to continue working or attending school while received top tier addiction treatment methods.

How Long Is Meth Rehab?

Each patient has their own unique history with drug abuse that will require a personalized approach to addiction treatment. There is no one size fits all approach to addiction treatment. The length of time you will need to be within drug rehab will depend on your history of drug abuse, goals for addiction treatment, and any presenting cooccurring disorders that will need to be treated alongside your drug addiction. Our team believes that you are the expert in your own life and you will be able to determine how long you would like to engage in meth rehab. Whether you prefer a short term option of 30 days or a long term option of 60 or 90 days, our recovery center will provide you with the levels of care you require to safely overcome your meth addiction.

What Is Meth Rehab Like?

Your meth rehab program will be developed around your individual needs and self identified goals for addiction recovery. Our team will meet with you when you initially arrive at our treatment center to gain a better understanding of your unique circumstances and establish the appropriate treatment approaches that will foster optimal healing and personal growth. A treatment plan will be provided that will include therapeutic sessions and activities that will allow you to heal from your meth addiction physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


12 Step Meth Rehab for Pasadena Residents

Addiction treatment programs will often include 12 step recovery programs including narcotics anonymous or smart recovery. In cities across the globe, there are 12 step meetings held where individuals are able to connect with other drug addicts within a safe, controlled setting. 12 step program meetings will offer opportunities for patients to engage in group meetings where addicts will come together to share experiences and emotions surrounding addiction while offering support to newcomers and other group members. To support substance abusers in becoming accustomed to 12 step programs, recovery centers will include 12 step programming to support you in feeling confident and comfortable with your addiction recovery.

Executive Drug Rehab for Meth Near Pasadena

At The Detox Center of LA, we strive to provide our patients with a top quality healing experience within our luxury rehab center. Patients will have access to a comfortable facility where you will have a semi private room that boasts a serene, relaxing environment. Our recovery center includes a wide variety of luxury amenities that will support you in effective self care management, physical activities or exercise options, and relaxing or engaging social or recreational activities. Your time in top drug rehab center in Irvine is meant to be empowering and healing as you discover a new way of life free of the chains of addiction.

Breathwork Therapy

Breathwork therapy is a form of addiction and mental health treatment that supports you in gaining the tools for healthy emotional regulation and processing. Patients will be invited to focus on your breathing through facilitated breathing exercises. As you remain focused on your breath, you will are able to minimize the feelings of anxiety, handle triggers, and effectively regulate your emotions. This therapeutic tool has been crucial for individuals faced with presenting triggers within your addiction allowing you to stay on track to maintain your addiction recovery.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a popular form of psychotherapy that enables you to identify how your  thoughts, emotions, and behaviors have influenced your ability to respond to negative emotions or situations in a  healthy manner. CBT therapy enables patients to become self aware of their behavioral, emotional, and mental habits or patterns that contribute to your addictive behavior so that you can safely overcome any presenting triggers without returning to substance abuse.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is a psychotherapy method that supports patients in developing effective tools to manage triggers and regulate your emotions. DBT sessions will include therapy exercises that will help increase your knowledge about how to engage in self regulating activities to avoid self destructive or relapse behavior. 

Family Systems Therapy

Individuals in active addiction will often experience distance between family members and loved ones due to the nature of your addictive behaviors. An effective drug treatment program will incorporate family therapy sessions. During this time, family’s are able to address any previous conflicts and emotions that have occurred during your addiction to begin processing and healing together. You and your loved ones will be able to develop the tools for healthy communication, developing boundaries within your relationship and building trust with one another again. 

Trauma-Informed Therapy

Often individuals develop a substance use disorder due to underlying emotions and traumas that have impacted your ability to manage day to day life and stressors. To best support our patients, our team will work within a trauma informed approach that will allow you to address and heal from your trauma at a pace that is comfortable with you. As you begin to address your history of trauma, our compassionate therapists will support you in processing these memories while being mindful to avoid any retraumatization.