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Sober Living in Irvine: Choose The Detox Center of LA



For a lot of people recovering from a substance use disorder, their environment can play a huge part in their ability to refrain from returning to habits that can lead back to substance abuse. For example:

  • Family dynamics can play a role in their difficulty overcoming addiction, so moving back home can be an issue, causing stress and unresolved issues to surface
  • Living with family members or roommates who drink or use drugs can prove to be too much of a temptation when you first leave rehab, especially if they keep these substances around the house
  • Attending parties, going to bars, etc. can make the action of using substances feel more acceptable or can trigger irrational thoughts, like “I’ll only have a little bit to take the edge off” if there is no accountability placed upon you at home and in social settings

A sober living home can remove these barriers to long-term recovery. These homes are usually group living situations, in which you will live with other sober people with a counselor or group home worker in the home 24 hours a day. There are rules in place in these homes that keep the place safe, secure, and completely drug- and alcohol-free, providing strong structure, full supervision, and total removal from the people and places that may trigger a relapse as you learn to reintegrate into your regular life as a sober person after inpatient rehab or as you undergo outpatient treatment.  

Every sober home’s rules and environment are unique. Some are casual homes, in which you come and go as you please and follow some simple rules regarding substance use and respecting fellow residents, while others are more intensive. Some provide mental health or medical care, and some have stricter rules around what you should be doing during the day, like attending a rehab program, going to work or school, seeing counselors or going to support groups. Common rules in these transitional houses include:

  • No drugs or alcohol on the premises at all, sometimes including items like mouthwash or vanilla extract
  • Curfews and rules around having guests in the house
  • Agreeing to random drug testing, with strict consequences if you are found to be using
  • Pulling your weight around the house, including paying rent on time, attending house meetings, cooking, and cleaning
  • Being respectful to other residents in the home

Sober living homes are there to hold you accountable, but they are also to provide a safe place for those who do not have a sober-friendly place to live. For many, returning home can be the biggest challenge in their sobriety, and easing back into life slowly, working on healthy habits, forming new sober friendships, and building a new life for yourself can be a lot easier if you are staying somewhere free of temptations and triggers.  In a sober living home you can live your life, see friends and family, get back to work, continue getting treatment, and hone your coping skills in the outside world while still having a structured environment to return to at the end of the day, where you can rest assured there will be no drugs or alcohol around, freeing up mental space to focus on what is most important: your health and your quality of life.

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Benefits of Sober Living with The Detox Center of LA

When you come to the Detox Center of Los Angeles for inpatient detox and rehabilitation for addiction to drugs and alcohol, we provide a sober residence for you to stay in for your 30-90 day program, but once you have completed your treatment with us, we can connect you to outpatient rehab programs, recovery support groups, and sober living homes in your area. With our strong inpatient treatments that include a comprehensive combination of behavioral therapy, holistic treatments, evidence-based therapies, group therapy, individual therapy, mental health care, and medical treatments, you will be prepared to move forward in your life free from drugs and alcohol, and our relapse prevention programs, and case management team will ensure you are set up for long-term success.

Why Choose The Detox Center of LA For Sober Living in Irvine

Sober living is a state of mind that is best achieved through a professional comprehensive detox and rehabilitation program. At The Detox Center of LA, we customize each person’s treatment to best suit their needs, wishes, preferences, and practical requirements.  We use a holistic approach to healing, treating:

The mind: because addiction is a brain disorder, and is affected by a person’s brain chemistry along with their mental health, it is important to integrate several therapy methodologies into each patient’s treatment

The body: drugs and alcohol can do a lot of damage to the body, so we provide medical detox programs, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs, 24-hour medical care and treatments, holistic healing programs, physical fitness and nutrition, helping your body recover, heal, and grow stronger day by day

The spirit: addiction can truly affect your overall wellness as a person, including your spiritual wellness. Whether that be a religious tie, your connections to nature, or your connections to humanity, when drugs and alcohol take over, that part of you dwindles, causing your self-esteem, happiness, and overall wellness to become diminished. Incorporating art therapy, spiritual practices, yoga, mindfulness, etc. into your treatment program can help reinvigorate you and bring joy back into your life

Some of the programs you will find at The Detox Center of Los Angeles include:

  • Dual diagnosis programs to treat those who have a co-occurring disorder including mental illness
  • 40 to 47 hours/week of group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy options
  • Psychoeducation
  • Holistic treatments like physical fitness, experiential therapy, breathwork, art therapy, yoga, meditation, and acupuncture
  • Behavioral health treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy

For long-term sober living support and care, our case managers will meet with you to figure out the best options that will work for your unique case as you get ready to transfer out of our residential facility. This may include outpatient care and sober living homes, where you can continue down your own personal road to recovery on your own terms.

Women's Sober Living Irvine

Living in a women’s-only sober living home in Irvine can be especially beneficial to any woman who has experienced gender-based violence, sexual assault, stereotyping, silencing, or harassment. Being in a female-first facility full of like-minded women who understand what you have gone through provides a safe environment in which you can thrive, focusing on your health and the future. Women’s sober living homes often provide additional support in the form of childcare or help with custody issues, as it often falls on the woman to handle these things. There may also be life skills programs available for those who have never lived on their own before, including learning about financial independence, obtaining employment, and building self-confidence. In a sober living home, healthy habits are encouraged, and for many women, figuring out who they are outside of drug and alcohol abuse can be an empowering experience.

Men's Sober Living Irvine

Sober living homes provide men the chance to find themselves in new ways, without the stress of temptations and triggers, and without distraction as they work toward living independently, without needing to rely on anybody else. A men-only home will give men the freedom and a safe place to express themselves, talk about issues from a male perspective, and address issues like violence, toxic masculinity, while learning life skills and working toward a consistent, healthy lifestyle with firm boundaries. A sober living home will give incentive to take responsibility for their actions, and to stay substance-free as they transition back into everyday life.

Aftercare and Alumni Support

The outpatient rehab options you may be connected with after rehab at The Detox Center of LA include partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, online therapy and recovery support, alumni services, or other customized outpatient rehab plans that include therapy, doctor’s care, further case management, life skills programs, and mental health treatments, medication management services, and behavioral health care. Depending on your needs, your treatments and groups can be scheduled around work and school or other obligations, allowing you to live your life as normally as possible as you get the treatments you need to continue working toward achieving wellness and sobriety.

If you move into a sober living home after inpatient rehab, then along with outpatient treatment, support meetings and alumni groups, you will benefit as these homes provide:

  • Strong connections to a sober community in your area, including meetings and social gatherings, 12-step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, and other sober support
  • The opportunity to create new friendships through connection with your roommates, so you do not feel alone in your recovery
  • Consistent reinforcement of the lessons, education, skills, habits and behaviors you picked up during rehab. Nobody is going to tease you for going to the gym or eating healthy, nobody will offer you a drink to relax in the evening, and nobody is going to be disrespectfully loud as you try to sleep at night
  • A reintroduction into life as a sober person, so you can work on life skills like hygiene practices, buying healthy groceries, paying bills, cleaning, and other healthy habits in a safe place
  • The freedom to continue working, attending college classes, spending time with family, and other important parts of life, giving you the power to transition gradually into everyday life on your own terms with a safe and sober place to return to, with counseling, therapy, and other options available to you when you need it

Aftercare and alumni support is crucial for most people to remain sober long-term after rehab, so at The Detox Center, we will do all we can to ensure you leave us with all the care, support, and connections you need through our nationwide network of addiction treatment centers. Please call us now to learn more about sober living homes, medical detox, and Irvine heroin rehab, and inpatient rehab options. We are here for you.