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Best Benzo Rehab in Pasadena
Detox Center of Los Angeles

Pasadena residents that are looking for an addiction treatment center that is able to provide a full continuum of care to facilitate healing and overcoming a benzodiazepine are able to access one of the leading addiction treatment centers in California, The Detox Center of LA, for a truly holistic and medically informed detox and treatment program. Patients are supported through each phase of your addiction recovery process including drug detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and aftercare support to ensure that you can start your recovery and remain true to their goals of sober living. 

Benzo Rehab Near Me: Top Rated Benzo Rehab in Pasadena

If you’re searching for Pasadena detox facilities or a rehab and detox Los Angeles, CA, center, choose The Detox Center of Los Angeles. Prescription drug abuse is as dangerous as other substance abuse disorders that involve alcohol addiction or illicit drug addiction. Benzos like Valium and Xanax are highly addictive and can be deadly, especially abused with alcohol or other drugs. At our inpatient rehab facility, clients can get the help they need to end their dependence on benzodiazepine drugs. We offer medically sanctioned and holistic treatments that support mind and body healing.

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Best Benzo Rehab Center for Pasadena Residents

For the best rehab and detox center in Pasadena, California, look no further than our nearby rehab facility. The Detox Center of LA features prescription drug detox, individualized recovery programs, dual diagnosis treatment, and medication-assisted treatment. Our clinicians are highly trained addiction specialists who provide support for clients with one-on-one and group therapy counseling sessions. If you’re addicted to benzos, our prescription drug rehab center can help you build a strong foundation for recovery based on leading Pasadena addiction treatments.

Types of Addiction Treatment for Benzo Addiction We Offer

The Detox Center of Los Angeles offers many treatment approaches to treat substance use disorders like benzo drug addiction. Clients will take part in individual therapy sessions and peer group counseling sessions. Our treatments include evidence-based therapies and holistic therapies. Some of these include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, anger management, art therapy, 12step program facilitation, relapse prevention, family therapy, and more.

Benzo Detox

The drug detox process is generally the first step to benzo addiction recovery. Medical detox addresses the individual’s physical dependence on benzos. Although clients can expect to experience some withdrawal symptoms, they usually peak between 24 and 72 hours from the last use of the drug. Our clinicians can also prescribe medications to alleviate any withdrawal symptoms that may arise. Common benzo withdrawal symptoms include headache, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, difficulty concentrating, sweating, and achiness.

Sometimes people may experience some protected withdrawal symptoms that may last longer than the detox process, but these often diminish within a few weeks and can often be managed with medication and other therapies. After completing their drug detox program, clients can enter the next phase of their addiction treatment plan.

Inpatient Benzo Rehab

The Detox Center of LA features residential inpatient substance abuse treatment. We attract clients from Pasadena as well as other cities and towns near Los Angeles County like Santa Barbara, Woodland Hills, and Santa Rosa. During inpatient treatment, clients can focus on their benzo clinic treatment program without outside distractions. We offer medically sanctioned individual therapy as well as group therapy based on both medically backed and holistic therapies. These combined treatments target each aspect of addiction, helping clients achieve the longterm recovery they crave. Our rehab facility also features dual diagnosis treatment for clients who have mental health disorders as well as substance abuse problems.

Outpatient Benzo Rehab

Clients searching for intensive outpatient rehab centers near Pasadena, CA, or treatment centers with partial hospitalization programs or sober living home options can contact The Detox Center of LA for referrals to our nearby network rehab partners’ outpatient rehab facilities. Our recovery center offers inpatient treatment and drug and alcohol detox programs. For an outpatient treatment provider near Pasadena, LA, or Santa Cruz, contact us for help finding the best benzo rehab for your treatment needs.

How Long Is Benzo Rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehab programs usually last for at least 30 days. That’s typically the minimum amount of time it takes for clients to learn to manage their substance abuse problem. Clients addicted to prescription drugs like benzos may require additional time in rehab, especially if they have a dual diagnosis and require simultaneous treatment for both conditions. Someone with polydrug addictions may also need more time in rehab. As the best benzo clinic and prescription drug addiction rehab, we’re flexible. Clients can extend their stay if they choose.

What Is Benzo Rehab Like?

As one of the best benzo detox centers and rehabs for prescription drug addiction, The Detox Center of LA features highly supportive residential inpatient treatment that includes individual therapy and treatment for mental health disorders (when needed) in addition to our group therapy. We offer many different treatment modalities. Clients can expect to participate in evidence-based and holistic therapies that include dialectical behavior therapy, art therapy, 12step programs facilitation, anger management, and more. During their time at our top rehab, clients can expect to find a safe and welcoming atmosphere where they can build their recovery foundation with professional guidance and caring support.

12-Step Benzo Rehab in Pasadena

Our detox rehab features 12step program facilitation. We introduce clients to the principles used in 12-step programs. Many people find these steps helpful for supporting the long-term recovery process. We encourage clients to find 12-step programs in Pasadena, California, or their hometowns to ensure they have ongoing support after completing their recovery programs. Recovery is a long and gradual process. Aftercare programs like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous are important for helping clients prevent relapse.

Executive Drug Rehab for Benzos in Pasadena

The Detox Center of Los Angeles offers clients from all walks of life a safe and positive place to begin their addiction recovery journey. Our treatment facility is designed with many amenities for clients to enjoy, including comfortable rooms, nutritious meals, and fitness classes. We customize treatment plans to suit each client’s unique needs. Our clients’ comfort is a top priority along with providing world-class alcohol and drug rehab programs that support long-term recovery.

Breathwork Therapy

During breathwork therapy, therapists teach clients various breathing techniques designed to help them train their focus on their breathing during times of stress or anxiety. For many people with benzo addictions, anxiety is a trigger to misuse drugs like benzos. Breathwork provides them with a helpful strategy for handling their triggers to use drugs. Clients can practice their breathing techniques until they’re able to dispel the negative emotions that threaten their emotional balance. During rehab treatments, clients learn many different ways to cope with their triggers to abuse alcohol and drugs. This is simply one helpful technique that clients can rely on.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

An evidence-based psychological treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy is a cornerstone of conventional drug and alcohol addiction treatments today. Addiction rehabilitation centers typically offer this form of treatment because it’s medically advisable for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. During cognitive behavior therapy, trained therapists help clients recognize how their thoughts and feelings impact their behaviors. Understanding these connections can help them find strategies for controlling their actions and preventing relapse.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Also a psychological treatment, dialectical behavioral therapy is similar to cognitive behavior therapy. DBT focuses on helping clients tolerate the distress that their negative emotions cause. With improved distress tolerance, clients can prevent their emotions from causing relapse. Learning to manage emotions like anger, guilt, and sadness is an essential relapse prevention strategy. Negative emotions can be triggers for abuse of drugs and alcohol. Dialectical behavioral therapy is also an evidence-based alcohol and drug addiction treatment that many of today’s leading rehabs like The Detox Center of LA offers.

Family Systems Therapy

Family therapy may be an important part of treatment for some clients who choose to include it in their treatment program. Clients’ loved ones also suffer because of substance use disorders. It can be difficult for family members to understand alcohol and drug addiction. Therapists help them understand what drives substance abuse and also how to support their loved ones in healthy ways. The goal of family therapy is to improve the way families communicate and to help them repair their damaged relationships. Clients can add family systems therapy to their rehab program if they choose.

Trauma-Informed Therapy

Trauma can trigger powerful emotionally charged memories that can be difficult to deal with. Many people who abuse drugs and alcohol have experienced or witnessed trauma in their past. Trauma-informed therapy takes a person’s past trauma(s) into account. Therapists help clients to cope with their memories of the past in healthy ways. Trauma-informed therapy is particularly helpful in dual diagnosis treatment for clients also suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Not all clients who participate in trauma-informed therapy have a co-occurring disorder. Many clients can benefit from learning how to cope with difficult emotions associated with stressful situations.

Why Choose the Detox Center of LA for Benzo Rehab in Pasadena?

Located in Los Angeles, California, the Detox Center of LA offers highly respected and individualized addiction treatment programs for clients from all over the region, including Pasadena, CA. Our alcohol and drug rehab feature detox programs and substance abuse therapies. Benzo addictions are serious. Don’t put off treatment. Our drug and alcohol rehab provides clients with the support they need to achieve their recovery goals. Call us today to discuss our enrollment process.