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Best Heroin Rehab in Pasadena
Detox Center of Los Angeles

Over the course of the last 15 years, heroin-related deaths have increased by nearly 70%. While the clamp-down on prescription drug opioids has helped fuel the resurgence in heroin abuse disorders, the availability of cheap heroin has also led to an increase in heroin addiction. Whether heroin or another addictive drug, substance abuse is deadly and will undermine mental and physical health–either over time or after one acutely serious use. 

The Detox Center of LA specializes in heroin addiction treatment for residents of Anaheim, San Bernardino, Huntington Beach, and other nearby areas. We even attract clients from as far off as Northern California as well as out-of-state residents with our clinically driven substance disorders treatment. If you’re struggling with a heroin addiction or other drug and alcohol addiction, you can rely on The Detox Center of LA for world-class substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Heroin Rehab Near Me: Top Rated Heroin Rehab in Pasadena

If you’re struggling with a heroin addiction, seeking out a top-rated alcohol and drug rehab center in Pasadena, California will help you safeguard your health and future. Drugs and alcohol abuse will cause your mental and physical health to deteriorate, and the risk of a heroin overdose is ever-present until you end your opioid dependence.

The Detox Center of Los Angeles features clinically driven substance abuse treatment programs designed to help clients achieve long-term recovery. Our drug and alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, California features medically assisted alcohol and drug detox programs as well as evidence-based and holistic therapies that target every aspect of drug and alcohol addiction. Our drug rehab center attracts clients from all over the region, including Newport Beach, San Bernardino, Palm Springs, Laguna Hills, and, of course, Pasadena, CA. Don’t wait to get the addiction treatment you need to manage your heroin addiction for good.

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Best Heroin Rehab Center for Pasadena Residents

The Detox Center of LA is a leading inpatient drug rehab that specializes in drug abuse treatment, alcoholism treatment, drug and alcohol detox programs, and dual diagnosis treatment. As a top rehab, we develop a customized treatment plan for each client to ensure we’re meeting their treatment needs. Each treatment provider on our team is a professional addiction specialist who views clients as people–not drug addicts. We offer caring and respectful addiction treatment in a safe and positive atmosphere that’s conducive to the healing process. With our supportive rehab and detox in Los Angeles, CA, you can end your dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Types of Addiction Treatment for Heroin Addiction We Offer

During inpatient rehab at our treatment center in Los Angeles, clients can expect to participate in a wide range of treatments based on their individual care requirements. We offer both medically sanctioned and holistic treatments that support whole-person recovery. Some treatments that may be included in individual treatment plans include cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, relapse prevention, interpersonal psychotherapy, art therapy, 12-step principles, denial management, anger management, and mental health treatment for clients who have co-occurring disorders. Collectively, our substance abuse treatment programs treat the mind, body, and spirit, helping clients to build a strong foundation for lasting recovery.

Heroin Detox

Our detox centers in Los Angeles offer drug and alcohol detox in a safe, medically supervised setting. Unlike many detox centers in Los Angeles County, our detox programs prioritize clients’ comfort as well as their safety. Clinicians provide medications and treatments that can substantially reduce withdrawal symptoms associated with the heroin detox process. Heroin withdrawal symptoms frequently include flu-like symptoms like aches, chills, nausea, and vomiting. Our clinicians monitor each client to ensure they’re detoxing as comfortably as possible. Medications can reduce the risk of severe withdrawal symptoms that could possibly trigger a medical emergency like heart irregularities or dehydration. After completing drug detox, clients will be ready to move on to the next phase of their substance abuse treatment plan.

Inpatient Heroin Rehab

Our rehab and detox facilities in Los Angeles in inpatient drug rehab programs. Residential treatment allows clients to immerse themselves in their substance abuse counseling and other aspects of their rehab program without unwanted distractions. This gives clients the opportunity to grow in stability as well as in the ability to manage their triggers to abuse heroin or other drugs and alcohol. Our recovery center provides clients with clinically driven treatments and a robust level of support designed to nurture their healing process.

Outpatient Heroin Rehab

Some Pasadena detox facilities offer multiple levels of care for heroin addiction treatment. We are among the best rehab centers in Los Angeles, but we focus on residential treatment and medical detox. If you are looking for an outpatient treatment program at a Pasadena or Orange County drug and alcohol rehab, we can refer you to one of our network partners, an area outpatient rehab that offers partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient treatment, or sober living housing. We’ll help you find high-quality outpatient treatment centers near Pasadena, CA, so you can get the level of support you’re looking for.

How Long Is Heroin Rehab?

Heroin rehab at The Detox Center of LA usually lasts between 5-10 days. Heroin is highly addictive, but depending on how long a person has been addicted, it may be possible to complete detox in about a week. The rehab process, however, typically takes 30 days, but some clients prefer to remain in treatment longer, especially if they still feel unstable or also have a dual diagnosis they’re learning how to manage.

What Is Heroin Rehab Like?

The Detox Center of Los Angeles offers clients a supportive rehab environment that involves medically sanctioned treatment programs and holistic therapies like art therapy and yoga. Clients learn how to manage their drug addiction and also get the time they need to heal from the physical and psychologically damaging effects of heroin. Clients will take part in one-on-one counseling sessions and group therapy sessions. They also have time to rest, relax, and enjoy our recovery-friendly amenities.

12 Step Heroin Rehab Pasadena

The 12-step principles help many people maintain their recovery progress. Our Los Angeles detox and rehab center features 12-step programs facilitation to introduce clients to how the principles can help them achieve their recovery goals. After completing their inpatient treatment programs, it’s important that clients find high-quality aftercare programming for ongoing support. We encourage clients to find Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous groups in communities like Sherman Oaks, Santa Clarita, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, or Pasadena, CA, near their homes.

Executive Drug Rehab for Heroin Pasadena

Our rehab and detox center in Los Angeles attracts clients from all walks of life from nearby cities and towns like Pasadena, Santa Ana, Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa, and Santa Barbara. We offer executive-level amenities to enhance our clients’ stay. Our clients enjoy nutritious chef-prepared meals, indoor and outdoor lounging areas, yoga sessions, fitness classes, and more. Our clinical and holistic focus offers clients a comprehensive therapeutic experience that spurs the healing process and fosters long-term recovery.

Breathwork Therapy

Breathwork therapy involves various techniques designed to help individuals focus on their breathing during times of emotional distress. As a coping method, each breathwork technique offers clients a strategy for managing their stress when they can’t avoid it. Stress and negative emotions like anger or fear can be triggers for drug and alcohol abuse. When a person feels angry or anxious, they can use this strategy to dispel those difficult emotions. During substance abuse treatment, clients will learn many strategies for coping with their triggers to use heroin or other addictive substances. Breathwork may be useful in some situations, making it a helpful strategy for preventing relapse.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of talk therapy or psychotherapy that helps clients become aware of the connections between their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. This awareness helps them to prevent their unhealthy thoughts or negative emotions from triggering relapse. Most leading rehab centers today feature cognitive behavior therapy as the core of their evidence-based treatments.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy helps clients manage their negative emotions with improved distress tolerance skills. These emotions are often the cause of relapse. Dialectical behavioral therapy is similar to CBT, but it places greater focus on managing emotions. We offer this form of therapy at our drug rehab along with other evidence-based treatments.

Family Systems Therapy

A heroin addiction can take a great toll on loved ones too. That’s why our rehab facility offers family therapy for clients and families interested in improving their relationships and healing from drug abuse and addiction together. Family members will learn about healthy ways to support their loved ones as they continue on their recovery journey. They’ll also get the support they need to heal from their own suffering as a result of the addiction.

Trauma-Informed Therapy

Many clients at our addiction rehab can benefit from trauma-informed therapy. Having witnessed and/or experienced past traumatic events, clients often have unresolved emotions that impact their substance abuse problem. Our therapists help clients manage their emotions in healthier ways so that their traumatic experiences don’t lead them back to heroin or other drugs and alcohol. Many people who’ve been diagnosed with cooccurring disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder can also benefit from trauma-informed therapy.

Why Choose the Detox Center of LA for Heroin Rehab in Pasadena?

Whether you’re looking for detox in Beverly Hills, a Pasadena rehab center, or the best rehab in CA, you can find world-class heroin addiction treatment at The Detox Center of Los Angeles. Our rehab facility includes a medically assisted detox center as well as executive-level amenities. Unlike other drug and alcohol rehab centers near Santa Cruz, Laguna Beach, or Pasadena, CA, we customize treatments to ensure clients get the support they need to achieve their recovery goals. Contact the best Pasadena addiction treatment center today to learn more about our enrollment process and inpatient rehab programs.