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Sober Living Housing Programs in Pasadena
The Detox Center of LA

Sober living locations can be a big help during someone’s recovery journey. Substance abuse treatment can incorporate many different levels of care and types of treatment, along with specialized programs and support.  A sober living home is one way a person can help themselves stay committed to their addiction recovery efforts.  At The Detox Center of LA, we provide comprehensive alcohol rehab and drug rehab programs for our clients. We know that it often takes multiple types of treatments for a person to successfully begin addiction recovery and we want to be there with our patients every step of the way.  


Sober Living in Pasadena: Choose the Detox Center of LA

Sober living homes are usually group homes with serious rules surrounding substance abuse, where you can rent a room and live safely and securely, with sobriety support available through house managers if needed. Every sober housing unit is different. Some may be fairly casual, in which you can come and go as you please as long as you do not bring drugs or alcohol inside or use substances while outside. Others may offer 24-hour non-medical substance abuse treatment, while others may include psychiatric care and/or nurses for people who are still working to overcome their addiction and mental health issues.

When you move into a sober living home you will be free to live your life, going to work, attending treatment at the rehabilitation center, going to the gym or getting physical therapy, seeing your friends and family, etc. while living inside a structured environment that has strict rules surrounding alcohol and drug use. This way you can hone your new coping techniques out in the real world as you come across triggers, stressful situations, and temptations, and have a safe place to come home to at the end of the day where you know alcohol and drugs will not be available.

Common rules in these types of transitional houses include:

  • Abiding by a curfew
  • Random drug testing
  • Doing chores around the house like cooking or cleaning
  • Being respectful to other residents
  • Zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol on the premises
  • Maintaining employment or attending an outpatient rehab program
  • Attending house meetings

The boundaries in sober living centers in Pasadena and throughout the country are firm. You will need to take responsibility for yourself and your actions, remaining drug- and alcohol-free and continue the recovery activities and sober lifestyle you have set up for yourself. Healthy habits and activities are encouraged, and serious consequences including losing your place in the home may be enacted if you do not abide by the rules. This way, a sober home can help you stay sober, even when you are going through a difficult time and are tempted to relapse.

The Detox Center of LA is an inpatient addiction treatment center that provides inpatient detox and rehabilitation care that occurs within our supportive sober residential care center. This is known as inpatient rehabilitation, which all takes place as you live inside our treatment center for 30 to 90 days. We help our patients regain control over their lives through high quality care, comfort, medical treatments, behavioral therapy, holistic care and more, and our case management team can help you find a sober living home to stay in after your time with us has completed, along with outpatient rehab and other aftercare programs.

Help is a Phone Call Away

Benefits of Sober Living with The Detox Center of LA

When you complete your program at The Detox Center of Los Angeles, you will not be left on your own. We provide contact with rehab centers that offer outpatient programs for drug abuse and alcohol treatment, and you will have an individual case worker who will provide sober living program recommendations in your area, helping you get the treatment you need that will help you achieve long-term sobriety.

Outpatient care may include partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and outpatient rehab treatments that can be scheduled around your life, so you can continue going to work, attending classes at college, staying home with family members, or taking care of other important life responsibilities. You may wish to stay in a sober living home as you work through outpatient rehab, and you can also turn to this type of transitional living after rehab is complete for additional support and a safe, sober place to live as you return to everyday activities as a newly sober individual.

Some of the biggest benefits to staying in sober living housing in Pasadena California include:

  • Having consistent reinforcement of the skills and tools you learned in rehab in a 100% sober, supportive environment that is stable but allows you to live your life
  • Not being alone in your recovery, living with respectful sober roommates who are going through a similar situation as you are
  • Working on life skills and habits that will benefit you for the rest of your life like cooking, cleaning, paying bills, exercise routines, hygiene practices, etc.
  • Being able to go to school, work, visit with friends, and see your family, helps you gradually transition into normal life on your own terms
  • Connections to 12-step groups, peer groups, support groups, online care, outpatient rehab programs, and sober outings are often provided through sober residences

Why Choose The Detox Center of LA For Sober Living Near Pasadena

Sober living starts with detox and rehabilitation. At The Detox Center of Los Angeles, our medical detox programs include skilled nursing care, prescription medications to ensure you stay comfortable and safe, and therapy and holistic treatments included for a whole-patient approach to healing. You will then move into your inpatient rehab program that includes treatments like:

  • Individual therapy, family therapy, and 40 to 47 hours a week of group therapy
  • Psychoeducation
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy
  • Holistic treatments like physical fitness, experiential therapy, breathwork, art therapy, yoga, meditation and acupuncture
  • Behavioral health treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy
  • Dual diagnosis programs for people with a co-occurring mental health disorder or other mental health issues like bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, anger, post-traumatic stress disorder, and grief

You will live inside a comfortable multiple-bedroom apartment (max 6 residents), with access to yoga and meditation practice, movies on the big screen, phone time (after your blackout period), a fully stocked snack bar, an outside lounge area, in-unit laundry rooms, basketball, cornhole, and fitness classes. We have housekeeping services, and your food will be made by a private chef who will deliver proper nutrition to you, working with our nursing and clinical staff to ensure your daily individual nutrition needs are met, while creating delicious meals you are certain to enjoy. If you have special dietary needs, allergies or sensitivities, they will be happy to accommodate them.
At The Detox Center of LA, we also provide meetings with case management services to build an aftercare plan that works for you. This includes finding outpatient care and sober living homes in which you can continue your sobriety journey.

Women’s Sober Living Los Angeles

Women have unique needs when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab and sober living accommodations, with staff and other residents working together to avoid stereotypes, gender-based stigmas, and sexual harassment. Along with the stress of being in recovery, a women’s sober living home can offer:

  • Help to deal with gender-based issues that come with childcare and custody issues with family counseling and other family services
  • Living on one’s own for the first time, learning independent living skills like bill paying, and building the confidence through empowerment, freedom of expression, and working on life skills with a case worker
  • Working through underlying trauma and issues surrounding abuse and violence through
  • Substance abuse counseling services if the person is not in an outpatient treatment program that provides therapy

Men’s Sober Living Pasadena

In men’s supportive sober living homes, the aim is to help each person achieve long-term recovery while facing gender-specific issues, stereotypes, and stigmas head-on, from a male perspective. In a men’s only sober home:

  • Distractions are limited, allowing clients to learn to live independently without relying on others to do their washing, cooking, cleaning, etc. in a supportive environment of male peers
  • Topics such as violence, emotions, mental health issues, sexuality and trauma are often addressed during the time spent in sober living housing, either while in drug and alcohol treatment or in group therapy and general discussions within the house
  • Issues like violence, anger management, toxic masculinity, and skills like financial literacy and time management are addressed

Aftercare and Alumni Support

At The Detox Center of Los Angeles in California, we offer personalized care at our drug and alcohol treatment center, with effective care that will help you achieve long-term sobriety inside our rehab facility. During your time with us, your case manager will work with you throughout your treatment to assess your strengths and your needs, create a customized treatment plan and help you with issues like FMLA, legal issues, short-term disability, etc. and help you decide on the right types of aftercare treatment for your unique needs. We are part of a nationwide network of addiction treatment centers that have locations across the country that offer partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, telehealth or virtual care, and other outpatient treatments.

We serve the Pasadena CA area, as well as nearby communities such as Fair Oaks, Palo Alto, and San Gabriel. Please contact our team today to learn more about how we can build a customized treatment program for alcohol and Pasadena heroin rehab that will suit your unique needs and get you on your personal road to recovery.