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Top Rated Prescription Drug Rehab in Torrance

Prescription drug abuse has become a growing concern for millions of Americans across the nation. The intention behind these prescription drugs is to support individuals in treating symptoms of a medical condition or behavioral or mental health disorder. When used as prescribed, these medications can support individuals in having a reduction in the symptoms that you face and minimize any severe side effects in order to assist you in healthy body and mind functioning. However, these prescription drugs can become highly addictive when they are abused. Oftentimes, individuals will begin abusing these prescription drugs as an attempt to self medicate from the presenting symptoms that you are experiencing or as a way to numb distressing emotions or traumas that have impacted how you can manage your day to day life. The longer you engage in substance abuse, the more your body becomes physically reliant on these substances to function normally throughout the day making it challenging to quit your drug use cold turkey. While it can feel overwhelming to tackle your drug addiction on your own, there is hope to safely overcome your prescription drug addiction with the support of an addiction treatment program. 


At The Detox Center of LA, we provide Torrance residents with an addiction treatment program that is specifically designed to meet your unique individual needs and goals for addiction recovery. Our team understands the nature of addiction and that it can happen to anyone. You did not set out to become addicted to drugs nor did your drug addiction occur overnight. Your substance use developed over a period of time for underlying reasons that are specific to you and your individual circumstances including your history of trauma and emotional hardship. That is why our team of medical professionals, addiction therapists, and case managers will work with you to develop a personalized treatment program that is focused on your needs and goals for your addiction recovery process. Patients will be invited to participate in a treatment plan that has been specifically created around your self identified wants for healing and personal growth. Each treatment plan will incorporate a number of evidence based therapy methods that will support you in healing from your root causes of addiction and supporting you to establish the coping skills and tools for relapse prevention that will help you feel equipped to manage any presenting triggers with confidence and ease. Our vision for all patients is to empower you to find inner peace and healing while supporting you to see your potential for a new life free of substance abuse that embraces health, wellness, and sobriety.

Torrance residents choose The Detox Center of LA for their prescription drug rehab program for the high levels of care and individualized treatment program that is provided to each and every one of our patients. With the support of our comprehensive treatment plan, patients will be able to safely and effectively overcome your prescription drug addiction while discovering and healing from the root causes of your addiction. FOr many individuals engaging in prescription drug abuse, your substance abuse began as a way to manage a presenting co occurring disorder and the symptoms that it produces. While you are healing with us, our team will provide you with the support of a dual diagnosis treatment program that will work to treat your addictive behaviors and explore ways to manage your co occurring disorder without turning to drugs or alcohol as a method of self medication. Once you complete your treatment program, you will be equipped with the tools and coping skills to maintain a life in addiction recovery that you have always wanted. Call us today (561) 264-5881 to hear more about the personalized treatment plan that our team can provide you and take the first steps on your road to recovery.

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What Is RX Rehab Like?

When you first begin your prescription drug rehab program, it is important for our team to be able to sit down with you and get to know you and your unique history with drug abuse. During this time, we will complete initial admission paperwork and bio social assessments that will allow us to gain perspective on the severity of your drug addiction. Each patient will have their own history of substance abuse that will vary in severity making it difficult for addiction treatment to have a one size fits all approach. That is why your initial interaction with us is important as we want to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate levels of care during your treatment program. Patients will be able provided with options to participate in the following levels of care that will support you in every phase of your treatment plan and recovery process: 

  • Medical detox 
  • Inpatient rehab
  • Outpatient treatment programs such as a partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program 
  • Aftercare planning or alumni support 

No matter what levels of care that you require, you will have the support of our highly credentialed and trained staff that will support you in safely overcoming your drug addiction while maintaining your comfortability and monitoring your overall health and wellness every step of the way. 

What To Expect During RX Rehab

Partticipating in a prescription drug rehab will invite Torrance residents to remove yourself from your home environment to reside within our recovery center to begin your healing journey of addiction treatment and recovery. Patients will reside with other individuals that are within our recovery center to engage in their addiction recovery process. An inpatient prescription drug rehab program will provide patients with a safe haven to begin your healing journey without having any outside distractions or temptations around.


While in inpatient drug rehab, patients will have a daily routine that is centered around your healing process. Patients will engage in individual therapy, group therapy processes, holistic treatments, recreational or social activities, and have opportunities for self care and wellness each day. Your daily plan will be created with the intention of supporting you in healing from your drug addiction physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As you move through your individual and group therapy process, you will be provided with leading addiction treatment methods and evidenc\e based therapy approaches to support you in healing from the underlying causes of your addiction while gaining the tools for maintaining a life in addiction recovery. Your treatment program will incorporate some of the following evidence based therapy methods: 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy 
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy 
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy 
  • Dual diagnosis treatment 
  • Medication assisted treatment 
  • 12 step recovery groups and processes
  • Life skills development 
  • Holistic treatments including massage therapy, yoga, and more 
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy 
  • Healing through creativity and art therapy 

How Long Does RX Rehab in Torrance Last?

Your prescription drug addiction is unique and specific to you and your healing process will be centered around your individual preferences and needs. Depending on the severity of your drug addiction and how long you have been engaging in prescription drug abuse, you may require more time within an inpatient rehab program to address and heal from your prescription drug addiction. Torrance residents will have the option of choosing between a 30, 60, or 90 day rehab program. We understand it may be difficult to know how long you will need in drug rehab to have long lasting success when you first begin your treatment program. That is why patients are able to extend your stay with us should you identify that you need more time after completing a short term rehab program.  The most important thing for our MAT in Torrance team is that you can get the most from your treatment program so that you can put your prescription drug abuse in your past and embrace a future in addiction recovery.

Top Abused Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs come in many forms to treat a variety of physical ailments or symptoms, behavioral health conditions, or mental health disorders. Each prescription drug produces different symptoms and side effects depending on the type of prescription drug that you abuse. Individuals that are engaging in prescription drug abuse will use different prescription drugs for a number of reasons and depending on the type of prescription drug that you abuse, you will experience different withdrawal symptoms. 

The most commonly abused prescription drugs include: 

  • Benzodiazepines such as Xanax or Valium
  • Opioid or opiates including fentanyl or oxycodone 
  • Sleeping medication including Ambien or Lunesta 
  • Stimulants such as Ritalin or Dexedrine

Methadone Detox in Torrance

Methadone is a form of prescription drug that is used to support patients in safely overcoming an opioid addiction. Methadone is a form of opioids that works to block the opioid receptors in the brain and provide a similar feeling of relief from your withdrawal symptoms allowing you to safely detox from stronger opioids such as fentanyl or heroin. Many patients that are living with an opioid addiction will turn to methadone treatment as a way to ease the severity of withdrawal symptoms in order to be able to complete an opioid detox. However, due to methadone also being classified as an opioid, there is still potential for methadone to be abused. Individuals that abuse methadone will have similar effects of taking other opioids such as feelings of pain relief, and euphoria. Patients in Torrance drug rehab that have begun abusing methadone will be encouraged to complete a detox process that will help you safely detox from methadone with a slow tapering off process. This will work to maintain your physical and mental health as you restore your body and health to normal functioning.