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Medication Assisted Treatment MAT Program in Miami

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MAT Addiction Treatment in Miami

Addiction comes in many forms including illicit drugs, prescription drugs, or alcohol. As someone’s use of these substances progresses, the risks of developing a physical and psychological dependency that can escalate into a cycle of addiction and Miami residents are not immune to the impacts of addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction can happen to anyone from any walk of life. Substance abuse often begins for reasons that are unique to each person such as deep-rooted emotional wounds or traumas that have influenced your ability to manage life stressors or triggers. To heal from addiction, you must have the opportunity to address these root causes of addiction within a comprehensive treatment plan that focuses on healing from your substance use disorder within your body, mind, and spirit. 

The first step in addiction recovery is to ensure that your body has the proper support to heal from the physical dependency that has been established on drugs or alcohol. This is often done within a drug or alcohol rehab program that invites patients to undergo this crucial, initial step of addiction recovery with the ongoing support and supervision of medical professionals and addiction therapists. Each patient’s experience with detoxing from drugs and alcohol will vary depending on her substance. Specific drugs and alcohol will cause a person to experience varying withdrawal symptoms that will range in severity. Some substances such as opioids or alcohol can create severe, sometimes painful or dangerous, withdrawal symptoms. Although these withdrawal symptoms can be severe, specific treatments are available that will work to alleviate the severity of presenting symptoms while maintaining your overall safety and well-being. In conjunction with leading evidence-based therapy methods, patients will be supported in safely moving through their recovery process. 

Miami residents who are living with a severe addiction to drugs or alcohol may be offered the support of a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program.  A medication-assisted treatment program will enable you with the ability to overcome any significant and severe side effects from drug or alcohol withdrawal while helping you to remain focused on your overarching goals of achieving a life of sobriety. Patients in a MAT program are offered ongoing guidance from nurses and physicians that will monitor their progress through detox and help to foster optimal healing from the physical impacts of drug or alcohol abuse. 

What Is MAT?

A medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program is designed to support patients that are living with an active addiction to drugs or alcohol where they experience moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms when they stop using drugs or alcohol. A MAT program is typically offered to patients that have a  current opioid addiction or alcohol addiction due to the severe withdrawal symptoms that can arise from these substances. These powerful substances are highly addictive and can create significant withdrawal symptoms along with severe cravings for alcohol or drugs that can impede a person’s success in achieving addiction recovery.  A MAT program invites patients to take specific medications that help to ease the withdrawal symptoms and minimize the onset of strong cravings for drugs and alcohol. As these symptoms subside, it allows patients to fully engage in the healing process of addiction therapy without becoming tempted or triggered to return to old substance abuse habits.  

Patients will typically begin a MAT program when they enter into alcohol or drug detox. If patients are unable to attend a detox program first, there are options to begin a MAT program within an outpatient setting to enable them to begin their addiction treatment and healing when they are ready to do so without having to wait for a spot to become available for them. A MAT program may continue throughout a drug or alcohol rehab program as patients may still be working through the initial withdrawal symptoms or cravings. A MAT program will support patients in having strong clarity of thought and emotion while beginning the healing process of substance abuse treatment.  Once you have begun to move through your treatment program and restore your physical health and feel healthy and strong in your recovery, you will be able to start the slow tapering off of the medications provided. This process is done with the supervision and guidance of our healthcare professionals who will maintain your health and safety throughout the entire process.

What To Expect During MAT?

As you prepare to begin your addiction treatment and  MAT program, the first step in your treatment plan will be to meet with our onsite medical team and admission counselors who will complete initial assessments and admission paperwork that will enable us to gain a better understanding of your unique circumstances with addiction. As we gain an understanding of your history with substance abuse, our team will be able to effectively determine the levels of care that you will need to be successful in your addiction recovery and treatment program. If our medical team assesses your dependence on drugs and alcohol and finds it to be an appropriate form of addiction treatment, you will be invited to participate in a medication-assisted treatment program. Patients are not required to participate in a MAT program as it is voluntary. If you decided that a MAT program is the form of treatment you wish to proceed with, you will be well invited to begin taking the following FDA-approved medications that will support you by reducing withdrawal symptoms and alleviating any severe drug or alcohol cravings:

  • Buprenorphine (also known as suboxone)
  • Methadone
  • Naltrexone

A MAT program is only one piece of your recovery puzzle. To effectively heal from your drug or alcohol addiction, you must have access to leading addiction therapy methods that will assist you in identifying and healing from the root causes of your addictive behaviors. Patients in a MAT program within The Detox Center of LA will be invited to participate in the following evidence-based therapy methods: 

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy 
  • Family Therapy 
  • 12-step recovery programs 
  • Emotional Regulation Therapy 
  • Individual and group therapy processes 
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Holistic treatment methods
  • Trauma therapy approaches
  • Relapse prevention education and group therapy processes
  • Life skills development

 Our team of licensed healthcare professionals and addiction therapists believe that addiction is a personal disease that deserves to be treated through personalized treatment methods that are appropriate and meaningful to you. Patients are invited to engage in either outpatient treatment programs or inpatient treatment programs that will offer them the levels of care that they desire to safely and effectively overcome addiction. Residential rehab will invite patients to reside within our recovery center where they will have a structured daily treatment plan that offers intensive support from our therapists and medical team. While other Miami residents may prefer to have a flexible option for addiction treatment and participate in an outpatient treatment program. A MAT program can be completed within an outpatient treatment setting that will enable you to safely overcome your addiction to drugs and alcohol within a flexible schedule that meets your specific needs and lifestyle. 

Why Choose The Detox Center of LA For Medication-Assisted Treatment for Addiction

The Detox Center of LA offers a premier treatment facility that offers comprehensive levels of care for all patients. We understand that your drug or alcohol addiction did not happen overnight but rather progressed over some time for reasons that are unique to you. That is why we strongly believe that there can not be a one size fits all approach to healing but, instead, treatment should be a personalized approach that is centered around your specific physical, emotional and mental health needs along with your personal goals for addiction recovery. Our first-class treatment center offers patients a comfortable setting to undergo the transforming journey of overcoming addiction. Patients will be able to reside within our recovery center throughout their detox and rehab programs where they will have access to amenities and medical services that will be sure to help them maintain their comfort and safety throughout your treatment program. 

Our dynamic team within our recovery center are committed to supporting you in your MAT program through effective, supportive methods of treatment and therapy. Within our residential rehab, we have a diverse staff team that includes nursing staff, tech staff, therapeutic staff, medical staff, operational team, and a private chef that are all committed to making your experience within drug or alcohol detox and treatment a stable, comfortable experience. Our staff believes in your ability to heal from addiction and will be alongside you every step of the way as you put your life of substance abuse behind you with the support of evidence-based therapy methods and medication-assisted treatment. If you are ready to begin the healing process of addiction treatment, speak with one of our admission staff today to start your recovery journey now.