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What Is RX Rehab Like?

RX drug addiction, also known as prescription drugs, is a type of drug addiction that involves prescription medications. RX drug addiction is a broad term to describe any psychological dependence on drugs that have been prescribed by a doctor. These can include pain medications like codeine, tranquilizers like valium, or high-potency opiates like oxycontin. Some of these drugs are highly addictive even when used as recommended by a doctor, so it’s important for anyone who takes them regularly to be fully aware of the potential for abuse and addiction. Addiction is a serious condition that can affect anyone. With prescription drug abuse, the problem takes on another level of danger. Addicts may become reliant on different drugs with different side effects, in addition to the potential of developing an addiction problem with prescription drugs. Prescription drug abuse has significant consequences, including contributing to accidental overdoses, fetal alcohol poisoning, and other deaths. Drug abuse can lead to tolerance and physical dependence, requiring increasing doses of the drug to achieve the same effects. Drugs that cause addiction are called narcotic-class drugs because they have a similar effect on the body as heroin or morphine. Although some people are more genetically predisposed than others, an addictive personality is not destiny. A person’s behavior patterns, age, gender, and peer group all affect their risk of falling prey to addiction. 

Drug addiction is a complex disease, and recuperation from drug addiction is not a simple matter. Drug rehab programs provide a foundation for long-term recovery by teaching recovering addicts how to live a sober life and handle their emotions without having to use drugs or alcohol. RX drug rehab is a substance abuse treatment that incorporates two interventions, medication, and behavioral therapies. Drug and alcohol addiction can be very difficult to overcome without professional help, which is why many individuals seek out RX drug rehab programs. RX drug rehab is a holistic treatment method that offers a variety of therapeutic techniques to help patients achieve long-term sobriety. The programs at RX drug rehab feature cutting-edge methods developed by doctors and therapists, including leading addiction specialists in the field. Each client receives individualized care and attention while undergoing treatment, which is tailored to meet their unique needs. 

What To Expect During RX Rehab

RX drug rehab centers are dedicated to helping patients recover from their addictions. Patients will attend individual counseling sessions, group therapy sessions, and family education classes. Patients may also receive medication for cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Many different types of treatment can be offered at a residential treatment center including alternative therapy, intensive outpatient treatment, inpatient therapy, or partial hospitalization treatment. 

Drug addiction is an incredibly difficult disease to recover from. It causes physical and mental changes that yield deep-rooted habits, patterns of thinking, and emotional responses. These responses can manifest as a serious problem in the addict’s life such as loss of employment or even legal problems. If a person has reached the point where they’re ready to change their life around, there are several detoxification options available. The purpose of detoxification is to remove all traces of the drug from a person’s body so that they can safely go into rehab without risk of relapse due to withdrawal symptoms. Drug detoxification is a medically-supervised process that can help an addict or alcoholic get off drugs. It involves the use of medications and treatments to help individuals safely stop using drugs while they’re in a safe environment. 

Once you get through the detoxification process, you will begin your recovery journey by making a personal commitment to get and stay sober. The post-detox stage of recovery is the time when your body can begin to recover from the effects of drug abuse. Detoxing from drugs does not mean that you are cured and no longer addicted. It simply means that you have stopped taking drugs for some time and begun to start on a path to recovery. Once you complete the detox process, the next step will be drug rehab. Miami drug rehab is an intensive program that offers patients daily therapy and counseling, as well as access to a wide variety of resources. Most rehab facilities offer state-of-the-art treatment, including groups, one-on-one sessions, individualized care, and compassionate staff members who understand addiction problems. 

How Long Does RX Rehab Miami Last?

Drug rehab is an intense process that can last anywhere from 30 days to a year, with the average ranging between 30 and 90 days. The number of days that you stay in a drug rehab program depends on what drug or substances you use, your situation, and how serious your addiction is. 

30-day drug rehab is a great option to help with your addiction. Most 30-day drug rehab programs include medication-assisted treatment such as suboxone or methadone. Once your detox has been completed, you can begin intense therapy sessions with a qualified therapist to treat the underlying reasons why you started using drugs and/or alcohol in the first place. These individualized treatment plans can be created based on your specific needs and desires for sobriety. 

A 60-day drug rehab program is designed to help you overcome your addiction and prevent future relapses. While a one-month drug treatment program may not offer enough time to fully recover, the 60-day treatment process focuses on helping addicts recover from the physical and psychological effects of drugs while simultaneously addressing any co-occurring disorders. All this takes place under the supervision of medical staff who have been specifically trained in treating addiction. 

A 90-day drug rehab program is designed to help patients build their strength and confidence, to successfully transition back into their families and communities. This program can provide you with the tools you need to begin a life of sobriety. Your treatment may include the following types of services: medically supervised detoxification, individual and group counseling, support groups and 12-step programs, and more. 

Top Abused Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are very commonly abused. Prescription drugs that can be abused include painkillers or opioids, sedatives or central nervous system (CNS) depressants, and stimulants. Many people in the United States abuse prescription drugs for non-medical reasons. Some people use these drugs to relieve emotional or physical pain, while others combine them with alcohol or other drugs. Abuse of prescription medications can lead to addiction, overdose, or death. 

CNS depressants can cause sedation and drowsiness, as well as reduced anxiety and feelings of well-being. Common CNS depressants include: 

  • Barbiturates, such as amytal, nembutal, seconal
  • Benzodiazepines, like ativan, halcion, valium, xanax, klonopin
  • Sleep medications, like Ambien, Sonata, Lunesta

Opioids and other painkillers are prescribed for pain relief. However, when misused, these types of prescriptions can bring about feelings of euphoria. Commonly abused opioid drugs include:

  • Codeine
  • Morphine
  • Methadone
  • Fentanyl
  • Oxycontin

Stimulants can cause feelings of exhilaration, increased energy, and mental alertness. Commonly misused stimulants include: 

  • Amphetamines, such as biphetamine, Dexedrine, Adderall
  • Methylphenidate, like Concerta, Ritalin

Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem in the United States, and addiction to prescription drugs can be as severe as any other form of drug abuse. People who abuse prescription medications may do so in different ways; either by crushing the pills and then snorting or injecting them, just taking more than the prescribed amount, or taking someone else’s medication that they are not prescribed. 

Methadone Detox in Miami

Methadone is a drug that helps people who want to stop using opiates. It’s usually used in conjunction with counseling and other forms of addiction treatment, such as therapy or 12-step groups. People who are just starting methadone treatment should expect withdrawal symptoms for the first few days, but these symptoms should fade quickly. 

Methadone is a pain reliever and can be used to treat moderate to severe pain. Methadone prevents the patient from experiencing intense drug cravings, sometimes even withdrawal symptoms, and also helps to ease withdrawal symptoms whilst helping patients to detox in a more controlled environment. 

Why Choose The Detox Center of LA for RX Rehab

The Detox Center of LA provides a full range of services to assist you in your journey to recovery. We will help you beat your addiction, and address any underlying issues that may have contributed to the development of your substance use disorder. Each treatment plan is customized to meet the needs of each individual, with an emphasis on holistic care and personalized one-on-one attention. 

The Detox Center of LA understands that you have unique challenges, and we are here to help you address them while stabilizing your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Our facility uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a safe and effective detoxification process without resorting to medically unnecessary procedures or practices. At our MAT in Miami, we recognize that addiction is a disease and can be treated. We provide excellently trained staff and offer our clients a supportive environment that is legal and medically supervised.