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Sober Living Housing Programs in Ashburn

When you are inside a rehab center, you are protected from the outside world, including the wide array of potential triggers, stressful incidents, and temptations to use drugs or drink alcohol that could potentially cause a relapse. Rehab centers offer a respite from the constant barrage of difficult interactions with people and challenging situations you are going to encounter when you are back living at home, out in the real world.

You can never predict how a day is going to go, which is why learning relapse prevention strategies and going to therapy are highly important parts of rehab, and why The Detox Center of Los Angeles offers customized integrated treatment programs for drug and alcohol treatment. Each of our clients has unique needs that need to be addressed before they are ready to leave our inpatient rehab center.

Once you have completed inpatient care and are ready to move on to outpatient treatment or return to your job, your family, and your regular life, you may wish to start the journey by living inside a sober living home instead of moving home right away. The early days of recovery can be very difficult to navigate, and this is especially true if you don’t have a stable place to call home, or if you feel like you need additional support or a place away from the temptations of drugs and alcohol. Everybody has their unique reasons for moving into a sober living home, but they all have the same goal: to stay in recovery and avoid relapsing.

Living in a sober home means moving into a group home environment. You will rent a room and have sober roommates, along with oversight from a house manager, a therapist, and/or a social worker, depending on the individual home. Each place is unique, with its own rules and its benefits. You can find luxury sober homes with plenty of amenities if that is what you want, or you can move into an affordable and peaceful place in the suburbs, or find a home that offers additional medical care or therapy sessions.

While living in a sober living home you will return to your normal life at your own pace, starting work again, seeing family and friends, and doing activities you enjoy, and then returning home by your curfew time. The home is a place to come back to in which you are guaranteed a respectful, peaceful, and completely drug- and alcohol-free environment. You will need to follow the rules to be allowed to stay in the house. Some common house rules include:

  • Zero drugs or alcohol allowed in the house (for some homes this extends to any product with any alcohol, like mouthwash and vanilla extract)
  • Zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use, with random drug tests
  • Abiding by curfew hours
  • No violence or disrespectful language in the home
  • Rules around guests in the home
  • Required attendance at work, school, or a rehab program
  • Rules about how many nights per week you can sleep elsewhere
  • You may or may not be allowed to have pets in the home
  • Attending house meetings
  • Being respectful to others in the home, including doing your share of the chores like cooking and cleaning
  • Paying rent and other bills on time

Living in a sober home, you may start to go to work or school again as you continue your recovery work through outpatient rehab programs like partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient treatment, 12-step programs, therapy, alumni events, and other support groups and sober outings in your area.

Choosing the right sober home for yourself may require doing some research. For example, you may find that you require additional mental health support or case management, or wish to live in a highly structured home. There is also a wide variety of homes out there, and it is important to be realistic in choosing one that you can afford. Being short on rent can create unnecessary stress that can lead to relapse if you are not careful. You will also want to find a home in a location that works for you. If you don’t have a car, for example, can you get to work on time from the home? Is it near an old hangout that will trigger a relapse? Some homes also have a time limit on how long you can stay, which you will need to know so you can make a plan. It is important to know what to expect before you move in.


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Benefits of Sober Living with The Detox Center of LA

The Detox Center of Los Angeles is an inpatient detox and rehab center, that treats drug and alcohol addiction through a highly effective program that will start you on your recovery journey. We will provide education, relapse prevention skills, therapy, and other treatments that are designed to last a lifetime, so after you leave the residential center you will be able to resist temptation, handle stress and cope with triggers in healthier ways.

Our team will work with you while you are in treatment to connect you with appropriate sober homes for your needs. Many people dealing with addiction also have issues regarding homelessness, and it is likely that if you have been using drugs and alcohol for a long time, the majority of your friends also abuse substances. It may be a good idea to move into a sober home for a while after inpatient rehab if you do not have a good sober support system in place to go home to, or if you don’t have stable housing that you can count on.

If you have relapsed before, or have had difficulty sticking to routines and need help staying on track, a sober home can help after rehab, especially if you don’t feel confident in living independently as a sober person. The continued sober support and strong structure, with rules and boundaries, will hold you accountable in your everyday life.

Why Choose The Detox Center of LA For Sober Living in Ashburn

The Detox Center LA will give you high levels of treatment, care, and support in our inpatient programs that will set you up for success. Through behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy, education, holistic treatments, and dual diagnosis programs, you will gain a new understanding of yourself and addiction, along with all the tools you need to stay away from drugs and alcohol, long-term.

  • Some of the benefits of choosing The Detox Center of LA for Ashburn Sober Living are:
  • Strong connections with support groups, peer groups, and 12-step groups that can provide support and fellowship when you need it most
  • Recommendations for ongoing rehab and therapy through local outpatient rehab programs in your area, including partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and customized long-term aftercare and rehab treatment plans
  • A fun and interactive alumni group who get together for fun events and outings, and also offer strong support from people who understand where you are coming from

Women's Sober Living Ashburn

Women’s only sober living homes offer a safe place that improves the recovery rates of many women, especially anybody who has had to escape violent or abusive relationships. These homes foster an environment of female empowerment that can help women learn to live independently, without relying on a partner. Gender-specific issues can be addressed in a safe space as residents gain confidence in their own sobriety.

Men's Sober Living Ashburn

A men’s only environment can be a healthy place for men to express themselves, face gender-specific issues, and be themselves without shame. They can work together to overcome issues that include violence, gender-based stigmas, toxic masculinity, and stereotyping, all from a male perspective. Men in sober living also learn to run a household independently, including cooking, cleaning, and paying bills without the help of a partner, while living in a supportive atmosphere surrounded by male peers.

Aftercare and Alumni Support

A sober living home is designed to be a temporary housing arrangement that will allow you to start rebuilding your life and stay connected with social workers and caseworkers who can help you out. You will get back to work, reconnect with friends and family, work on your healthy habits, and start your sober life on your own terms. Living in the home will hold you accountable and provide firm boundaries that cannot be broken without serious consequences. Learning new ways to live and have fun as a sober individual will help you gain confidence in your new lifestyle and give you strong support and motivation.

The Detox Center of LA provides you with connections to aftercare and alumni support you can connect with as you transition into sober living outside of the treatment center, with a case manager who will help you come up with a plan based on your needs and your strengths. They can help you find a job, sort out legal issues, and find sober support networks in your area. Our alumni group will be there to support you during difficult moments and offer you opportunities to join sober outings and make new friends in the process.

Contact The Detox Center LA now to learn more about drug and alcohol rehab, and how you can get on the path that leads to long-term sober living. We answer the phone 24 hours a day, so call now. (888) 346-4350