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Online AA Meetings

If you cannot make it to in-person alcohol anonymous meetings, there is a way you can continue your recovery from alcoholism. Online gatherings are convenient and accessible. They enable you to reap the benefits of AA from the comfort of your home or any other location. Once you complete your alcohol rehab treatment in Los Angeles, you can continue with your recovery through online AA meetings. Alcohol addiction treatment and AA can play crucial roles in managing the alcohol addiction epidemic. 

Online meetings are an excellent option for people to continue their recovery when attending an in-person meeting is impossible. Some organizations often manage these online gatherings. There are also some resources available that you can use to develop an online support group for yourself. You can utilize digital platforms such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, or conference calls to continue alcohol rehab in Los Angeles. Sites such as In The Rooms also support online meetings for different recovery groups, including Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Traditional AA 

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The concept of AA began in 1935. It has become a popular forum for recovering addicts to organize in-person meetings with other alcoholics. Meetings typically happen in community centers, churches, and other open areas. The program provides a safe space for people to share their struggles with alcoholism, learn from other recovering addicts, and connect with other people overcoming alcohol dependence. The program has helped many people sustain their alcohol recovery in Los Angeles and other places in the world.  

In AA meetings, people share their stories, read relevant literature, and recite 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of AA. Members receive chips to mark milestones in their recovery. Sponsorship has also been a common AA practice. New members often get sponsors, people experienced in the program, to guide them through recovery. 

Online AA 

As more people acquired computers, people started using them to help them talk with people with the same struggles. As technology advanced, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings started happening online. Alcoholics could access gatherings at any time with people from various locations. They could reach out, share, learn, and connect with other recovering addicts using their devices via the internet. 

people attending an online AA meeting, dual diagnosis rehab los angeles, addiction treatment centers Los Angeles California

Like in-person gatherings, a chairperson leads online AA meetings. Leadership rotates among members, and the leader guides members and plans the program. Sessions last about an hour, and members take turns sharing. People share by speaking or typing on the forum, reading literature, and reciting the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions of AA. There are groups for all people, including different genders and the LGBTQ community.

What Is Good About Online AA Meetings?

There are some benefits of online AA meetings. They include: 

1. People Can Access Gatherings at Any Time and from Anywhere

You do not have to visit specific places to reap from AA. Meetings happen nearly all the time because of the internet. You can have sessions with people far from you or in different time zones at any time you need one.

2. Online AA Meetings Are Convenient

If your excuse for not attending gatherings has been not having time to go to one, online AA gatherings are different. You can benefit from a meeting from your home. If you have a busy schedule, it is easy to schedule about an hour for your recovery as often as necessary. You will not have the hustle of moving around to get to one. 

3. You Will Be More Open While You Are Not Among Strangers 

Some people can struggle to share in a room full of people they do not know. You are more likely to be comfortable and open in online meetings because other members will only be on your screen or chat boards. Sharing enables you to have an outlet for your recovery struggles during alcohol rehab in Los Angeles 90007.  

Downsides to Online AA Meetings 

online AA meeting, dual diagnosis rehab los angeles, addiction treatment centers Los Angeles California

There are some disadvantages to having gatherings online. These shortcomings include: 

1. It Barely Caters to Addicts With a Dual Diagnosis 

Co-occurring disorders can jeopardize your recovery. If you want to overcome an alcohol addiction, you may often think that that is your only problem. Illnesses such as anxiety and panic disorders cause addiction and jeopardize your recovery. There is a specialized treatment for co-occurring disorders that online AA meetings do not provide.

2. Often Not as Reliable as Your Only Form of Treatment

Statistics show that AA meetings, either online or in-person, have less than a 10% success rate if used as your only alcoholism recovery strategy. Addicts need to supplement AA and treatment from facilities offering top alcohol treatment Westwood Los Angeles CA to increase their chances of staying sober. 

3. Privacy Concerns While Online 

While AA believes in keeping the identity of recovering addicts private, online AA gatherings present significant threats to this belief. A malicious person can uncover who you are while online via your email or IP address and use them for immoral purposes.

4. No Human Contact

Some alcoholics need in-person meetings with other recovering addicts to sustain their recovery. Online gatherings may deny these people such connections and increase their likelihood of relapsing. 

Despite these shortcomings, organizers of online AA meetings continue to improve the program to make it work for various recovering alcohol addicts. Platforms continue to protect the identity of their users by using sophisticated online protection mechanisms, such as encryptions. They also continue to improve and modernize their programs to cater to various needs of alcoholics. 

The Detox Center of Los Angeles Can Help With Your Addiction 

The Detox Center of Los Angeles is a licensed entity offering drug and alcohol detox, rehab, and PHP in Los Angeles, CA. We have accreditation from several reputable institutions, such as the California Department of Health Care Services and Our expert staff provides personalized treatment using proven techniques in our modern facilities. 

The Detox Center of Los Angeles offers various programs for alcohol and drug rehab in Los Angeles. We provide different types of therapies, medical assistance to curb withdrawal symptoms, and rehabilitation. As we believe your aftercare program is critical to your sustained sobriety, we help you design and plan an aftercare routine. We assist you in planning your diet, exercise routine, and changing habits that can trigger a relapse. Our doctors can also recommend some online platforms to help, such as those offering AA sessions. 

Final Thoughts

Alcoholism is a condition that continues to affect you after treatment. You need to continue with your rehab after leaving Los Angeles CA alcohol rehabilitation centers. This continuation increases your chances of remaining sober. As you quit alcohol, adjusting to the new life can be challenging. You may have been using alcohol to cope with life, forget traumatic experiences, or because of peer pressure. These woes will continue in your new life, and you will not have alcohol to cope. Consequently, you need to find new ways of coping and sustaining your sobriety

Online AA meetings are an excellent way to continue your recovery. They provide an avenue for you to connect with other addicts, share your experiences, and learn from theirs. If you cannot attend in-person gatherings, online AA meetings provide a convenient and accessible alternative. You can talk with other alcoholics via conference calls, message boards, or video calls. Online AA meetings are an essential way to ensure you stay away from alcohol and its effects. 

If you are struggling with detox, rehab, or aftercare, The Detox Center of Los Angeles can help. The Detox Center of Los Angeles is a professional addiction entity that offers reliable addiction treatment via its facilities. We have a professional staff that tailors care to suit your needs and invests in your aftercare program. The aftercare program includes healthy habits, such as online AA meetings, that can sustain your sobriety. Our team can design, advise, and monitor your progress in online AA meetings. Reach out today to find out how The Detox Center of Los Angeles can help you overcome addiction and stay sober. 
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