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Our Latest Blogs on Addiction & Recovery Topics

Anaheim Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Addiction: What You Need to Know

What Is Anaheim Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a commonly used psychotherapy method used to treat mental health and substance use disorders. Through Anaheim cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, you will be encouraged to explore and reflect on your thoughts and behaviors influencing your addiction, mental health, or behavioral health condition. We often …

Drug Addiction Treatment Irvine: The Role of Spiritual Therapy

Irvine Drug Addiction Treatment: What Is Spiritual Therapy? When you think of a drug addiction treatment program, many will think of the various therapeutic approaches designed to treat addiction’s physical and psychological impacts. While these are critical components of your recovery, it is important to remember that substance abuse impacts your body and mind and …

Opioid Recovery Centers Hollywood Hills

Detoxification at Hollywood Hills Opioid Recovery Centers: How Long Is the Detox Process? Opioid addiction is a serious public health issue in the United States. The opioid epidemic has caused an alarming number of overdose deaths, becoming a national crisis. Opioid addiction affects the user and their family, friends, and community. If you or someone …

Alcohol Addiction Centers Calabasas

Getting Help at Calabasas Alcohol Addiction Centers: How to Know It’s Time for Treatment Alcoholism affects each person differently, with consequences ranging from strained relationships and poor work or school performance to medical impacts and even death. Recognizing the signs of alcoholism and seeking alcohol addiction centers Calabasas residents can use to help them recover …

Chemical Dependency Treatment West Hollywood

West Hollywood Chemical Dependency Treatment Options: 6 Benefits of Holistic Treatment People seeking help with addiction to drugs or alcohol might not realize just how many types of treatments and therapies are available during chemical dependency treatment West Hollywood have access to. While evidence-based treatments, such as drug or alcohol detox and behavioral therapies are …

Opioid Addiction Treatment Mission Viejo

How to Deal With Relapse Opioid addiction is a severe problem affecting individuals and families nationwide, including those in Mission Viejo, California. While getting treatment is a critical step toward recovery, opioid addiction relapse can happen even after successful detox and rehabilitation. At The Detox Center of LA, we understand the challenges of opioid addiction …

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Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

The Detox Center of LA Residential facility in Los Angeles, California offers an in-house detox programs and rehabilitation programs for those who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Out patients reside at the facility full-time in a highly structured environment with knowledgeable, experienced staff that can relate to each resident. Individuals can expect personalized care and programming throughout each day of the week.
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