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Anxiety: Its Remedies and Treatments

Millions of people in the United States suffer from anxiety. Given that anxiety is so widespread in our society, why are so many people reluctant to talk about it or ask for help?

While therapy and medications may have been the traditional ways to address anxiety in the past, they aren’t the only ways to treat it. Today, there are a variety of methods available. Almost all of them require taking a proactive approach to controlling anxiety and realizing that YOU have the biggest role to play in managing it.

Panic attacks are serious and can lead to phobias and debilitation if not properly handled. That’s why you should do something about your anxiety now.


This is a standard way of treating anxiety and panic attacks, sometimes associated with depression. They include beta-blockers and anti-depressants. They do work, but they often have unwanted side effects for some people, and can be habit-forming. This isn’t for everyone, but only an evaluation by a doctor can know for sure.


Treating anxiety with therapy involves changing the way you think about anxiety, your emotions, your life and your reactions to it. It means replacing irrational thoughts with rational ones. It means replacing negative thought with positive ones. It means replacing old thought patterns with new ones.

Natural Remedies

Natural remedies may include herbal treatments, acupuncture, meditation, breathing exercises, guided imagery, water aerobics and a complete overhaul of your eating and exercise routines. When considering herbal treatments, make sure they don’t conflict or interact with traditional medications you may be taking.

A Lifestyle Change

This may be the most important way to deal with anxiety. Nobody likes to think that the way they have been living is wrong or unhealthy. There is a certain comfort in doing and thinking in the same old way. You may think it’s hard to change how you think or act. It may be a little difficult for you, but it isn’t impossible, and wouldn’t it be worth the effort if you could eradicate the anxiety and panic from your life?

A change in lifestyle may mean that you have to give up smoking, alcohol, drugs, a hectic pace of life or neglecting your physical and mental health. It may mean that you end up reaching out and talking to other people just like you, from whom you will find support and comfort in knowing. It may mean a lot of hard work exercising or eating healthy foods that you aren’t accustomed to.

With all of the options available to treat anxiety disorders, from therapy to medication, TODAY IS THE DAY to start your recovery.

For an holistic approach to anxiety, offers some excellent resources.

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