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Bummed out after a vacation? Here’s How To Get Back On Track!

We all deserve some vacation time every now and then. Hitting exotic beaches, traveling to new countries and maybe simply taking a 2 hour drive out of town are all classic examples of vacations. While the idea of vacation sounds fun, the part that isn’t so fun is coming back from a vacation.

Call it the Post-Holiday Blues, Post-Vacation Blues, Reality Check or whatever, the process of getting back to work, school, schedule, and going back to doing everyday tasks can really bum you out.

If you feel that you are going through that after-vacation struggle here are 3 tips to help you get back on track.

1. Take it easy with work


Going back to work right after a vacation can be challenging, and it is important to plan for some transition time between vacation and work. While this does not mean planning a vacation after a vacation, A small gap between a vacation to going back to the office can seem irrelevant but is crucial for getting back to reality so plan accordingly.

2.The next destination


Planning your next vacation can help you overcome post-vacation blues giving you something new to plan and anticipate. There is no more exciting feeling like knowing that you are going to have another great experience in the future.

3.  Remembering those good times


Instead of bumming out of being back to everyday reality, try and remember moments of your vacation. This can be done by making your phone screensaver a photo from your vacation or by simply getting a souvenir from where you were. Indulging in a certain memories from your vacation can bring happy and positive thoughts to the surface helping fight off that post-vacation blues.

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