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Do you ever just feel “blah” sometimes?

How working out can actually not only make you look good, but feel even better!

Do you ever just feel “blah” sometimes?

Keeping healthy mind and spirit not only comes from working on yourself mentally, but also comes from working on yourself physically.

When you work out, you enhance your serotonin levels as well as increase your endorphin levels. For those of you who don’t know what that means, they are the chemicals in your brain that when released, give you that “feel good” feeling.

Working out doesn’t just entail going to the gym.

Here are four alternative ways to get those endorphins flowing and make you feel a lot better in the process.

#1 Try going on a hike or on a long walk:

We don’t know about you, but as an addiction treatment center in sunny Southern California we have the absolute privilege to have such beautiful and amazing trails to hike on and optimal weather. Weather aside, we encourage you try to at least go on a hike twice a week whether in the forest, trail, beach, or any other terrain, even the city. At a minimum try and take at least a 30 minute walk daily.

It is not easy to carve out time for this, but the benefits are amazing. Try combining the hike or walk with other chores like walking the dog, grocery shopping, etc. to make it more feasible in your schedule.

It is important to get outside and get some fresh air.

#2 Practice yoga!

Yoga not only brings you to a stable mindset, but it also can be an awesome workout at the same time!

Tip: Check out your local yoga studio. Many yoga places provide a week of free yoga to try out!

If you don’t really like to work out in public or within a group setting there are so many other yoga methods you can practice in the comfort of your own home. The important thing is, is to just do it!

Yoga not only is a calming and soothing practice, but there are other methods in this practice that involve high intensity and challenging sessions. Bikrham yoga, is the method of yoga that takes place in a heated studio. This practice causes you to sweat out all of your stress and toxins from your body and life.

#3 Plant a garden:

Gardening will keep you active, as well as encourage you and inspire you to make something out of nothing, something beautiful.

Gardening is quite simple. All you need is some soil, some pots, some seeds, and maybe even a little shovel if you’re feeling a little extra fancy!

The gratifying and fulfilling feeling you will receive after planting your own seeds, taking care of them, and watching them grow is what we’re working for. That’s that “feel good” feeling mentioned earlier.

The added benefits of fresh air and sun, and physical activity don’t hurt either.

#4 Watch some workout videos online!

YouTube is a hot commodity these days as You could find anything on that website! From how to make it omelette to how to do advanced physics. Seriously though, the options are endless!
If you find yourself sitting at home feeling down, go to your computer and look up a workout video. There are tons of virtual trainers to choose from. Just start somewhere, and see who do you like best.

It is very important to get the heart pumping and to break a sweat daily because that is what allows your brain to release those chemicals to make you feel better.

Anxiety, depression, PTSD…, you name it, if you are struggling with mental health issues, it is not only important to work on yourself mentally and emotionally, but taking care of yourself physically is just as important.

Exercising is an amazing way to improve your mental health, relieve stress, improve your memory, sleeping better, and just amplifies your overall mood altogether.

For more information and to get the help you need now, contact The Detox Center of Los Angeles for a free assessment of your symptoms as well as your insurance benefits and coverage. Give us a call today, 888-346-4350


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