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How the Fear of Being Alone Fuels Addiction

Statistics show that a significant number of Americans are lonely. They feel this way because of grief, separation, miscarriage, or divorce. This loneliness can be detrimental to their physical and mental well being. It increases the risk of having heart conditions, suicidal thoughts, depression, and other illnesses. Loneliness can also cause or worsen substance use disorder. Rehab treatment Los Angeles can help you overcome addiction and isolation. 

The Link between Loneliness and Addiction 

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Loneliness, depression, or isolation can cause drug abuse to cope with these feelings. People turn to the “comfort” that drugs provide to deal with rejection, feeling alone, unloved, and confused. Many drugs give addicts a temporary feeling of euphoria. Lonely or depressed people can seek this happiness to avoid facing their emotions for a short while. Once the effects the drugs induce fade, they can opt to use more substances to avoid facing their feelings. This occurrence breeds addiction. 

As the patient feels lonely and continues to find solace in drugs, the dependence can lead to more loneliness. As the substance abuse worsens, the addict is likely to destroy their relationships with friends and family members. These people can get tired of putting up with the reckless behavior of the addict or seeing the addict suffer because of drugs. These effects may make them distance themselves from the addict. As the addict feels estranged, they may continue to use more drugs to cope. This cycle continues until the addict chooses to get help from facilities offering drug rehab in Los Angeles. 

Running out of Hope 

Isolation and loneliness during substance dependence can make people have these feelings: 

  • Feeling disconnected from other people 
  • Feeling unable to connect emotionally or physically with anyone 
  • Feeling sad because you have no one to be with you, talk to, or understand your predicament 
  • Feeling abandoned 
  • Feeling left out 
  • Feeling no one cares about you and what you are going through 
  • Feeling hopeless 
  • Feeling discontent 
  • Fearing you will forever feel this way 
  • Feeling that nobody wants to be with you 

These feelings are dangerous to have. You need to seek help before they trigger or worsens your addiction. Many addiction centers can facilitate your recovery in Los Angeles. 

Why Social Support is Crucial 

Everyone needs social support. While there are people that can have many friends, some people only manage to have a few friends. The term friends here refers to great friends that provide a backbone for you to lean on, guide you, listen to you, take part in activities with you, or motivate you to accomplish more crucial things, not the ones you take drugs while with them. People that have a high risk of being addicts or worsening their substance abuse rarely have anyone. They turn to drugs to feel happiness, love, and value. However, these emotions induced by drugs are temporary. To avoid turning to drugs or using more of them, having social support can be necessary. 

 Having social support has the following benefits: 

  1. Feeling good – people on antidepressants can respond best to treatment if they have the support of family and friends. Friends and family can also offer long hugs, which release oxycontin in the brain, releasing warm tingly feelings and calming your fear center.
  2. Longer life – having good social relations and healthy relationships can predict physical health. You can live a long life with good physical health. 
  3. Finding purpose – knowing that some people love you and being called a friend can make you appreciate your value. While you can find a reason to live by yourself, we are social beings, and social support enables us to find a higher purpose, especially in the context of a social setting. 

If you have an addiction and you desire these benefits, addiction rehab in LA 90067 can help you. Treatment and therapy can help you overcome your addiction, acknowledge where you went wrong, and begin to mend relationships you broke while intoxicated. 

Tips to Fight Addiction and Loneliness 

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Fighting isolation and loneliness can help in your fight against addiction. This fact is because healthy relationships affect your life considerably. Treatment and support groups can help overcome addiction. Besides, lifestyle changes are necessary to help you beat substance dependence and stay sober. Addiction and loneliness affect many young people. Young adult addiction helps Los Angeles can overcome isolation and drug addiction among the youth.

Once you are in recovery, spend a significant amount of your time with family, friends, or other recovering addicts. This utilization of your time reduces the risk of self-harm and depression, and it can give you the strength you need to sustain your sobriety. Communication can help those close to you understand your recovery and support you, where possible. Make peace with people you hurt as taking responsibility is crucial for your new life. Alcohol treatment in Los Angeles Cali can also recommend AA meetings for you to attend. 

It would be best if you also disconnect from people that do not support your new path. Once you choose to quit drugs, some people will criticize this choice, especially addicts you used to use drugs with before you got clean. They may discourage you, call you names, or tell you how much fun you no longer are. These actions can affect your recovery and make you feel lonely, which can cause a relapse. Staying away from these people is the best way to avoid their demoralization, judgments, or exposure to triggers. Alcohol rehab in Los Angeles or facilities for other drugs is likely to inform you of how you will cope with losing these people.

Getting Help from The Detox Center of Los Angeles 

The Detox Center of Los Angeles is a top alcohol treatment in Westwood Los Angeles CA that provides quality treatment to addicts. We are a fully licensed drug and alcohol detox, rehab, and PHP in Los Angeles. Our teams, comprising trained and experienced personnel, use proven techniques to provide holistic treatment. We customize our treatment plans to give our patients the highest chance of getting better without complications. 

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At The Detox Center of Los Angeles, we believe in getting to the root cause of addiction to give our clients the best chance of recovering and staying sober. Our doctors will examine your case to determine what led to the addiction. The doctors will establish if loneliness is the cause of your addiction and recommend treatment to help deal with both conditions. If you are dependent on cocaine because of isolation, they will help you manage your feelings of loneliness while you are in cocaine addiction recovery in Los Angeles county. 

Our treatment services include breathwork therapy, solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, Jungian therapy, trauma-informed therapy, dialectical therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and family therapy, among others. We have accreditation from various reputable institutions, such as and the California Department of Health Care Services. The Detox Center of Los Angeles seeks to provide comprehensive treatment through detox and help with your aftercare program to ensure you stay sober. 


Feeling lonely can drive you to use drugs. Addicts that started abusing substances because of loneliness hope that the feelings induced by drugs can help them escape their reality. Unfortunately, substance use disorder often breaks the few relationships they have and provides temporary relief. Once the effects of the drugs fade, they return to their uncomfortable reality. Unable to cope, they may turn to the continuous use of drugs to escape, which leads to more severe addiction. These addicts often need help, such as that from Los Angeles CA alcohol rehabilitation centers to get better. 

The Detox Center of Los Angeles provides the support you need to beat addiction and loneliness. Our professional team of qualified personnel examines your case to determine its exact causes. If you developed a substance dependence to escape from feelings of loneliness or isolation, they craft the treatment you get to ensure it is beneficial to you. We also provide detox, rehab, and PHP services via our various programs. 

Our therapies help you mend fences, take responsibility for bonds you broke, and prepare you mentally for sobriety. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you overcome loneliness and addiction. 
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Effective addiction treatment programs are tailored to each individual. Because of this, it will be a different experience for everyone. However, it generally involves a combination of detoxification, group and individual therapy, educational presentations, and aftercare planning in order to ensure long-term recovery. Upon arrival at The Detox Center of L.A., you can expect our professionally trained staff to create an individualized treatment plan based on your needs and treatment goals.