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How to Celebrate New Years Eve Sober

New Year’s Eve might be considered dreadful for some in addiction recovery; however, it does not have to be. The options for sober living on New Year’s Eve are nearly endless. Choose a favorite activity and own it in a sober way. Spend the day or the night with friends and family who understand and support the decision to stay sober. And if one attends a party with alcohol or drugs, it might be a good idea to bring along a sober companion to stay away from temptation.


The outdoors has been linked to being good for the soul and more. It can reduce stress, increase one’s health and improve one’s mood. It is also an outstanding way to remove temptation from life. Be sure to plan a number of activities to remain busy and distracted if that helps, such as kayaking, hiking, and games. Bring along friends, and family or go camping alone. Camping might be the healthiest way to ring in the New Year.

Cooking Class

Learning how to cook can transform one’s life. It leads to good health and financial savings. It can significantly impress a date. And it is a brilliant way to show one’s appreciation to loved ones. It is possible to find a number of New Year’s Eve cooking classes with popular brand name kitchen stores, chefs at restaurants, and personal chefs in homes. Pick a type of cuisine and find a cooking class for the night. Be aware that there may be alcohol present. Bring a sober companion if necessary.

Dance Night

Having a sober dance night for friends is becoming more and more popular. It is a bit like a sleepover for grownups. People do not have to worry about dressing up and spending lavish amounts of money on expensive clothing or entrance fees. Create upbeat playlists and dance the night away without a care in the world.

Destination Adventure

The New Year is the time for new beginnings. Why not take a destination adventure to start the year off right? Consider a trip to an exotic destination for a new adventure. It is even possible to take a sober living arranged vacation that specializes in addiction recoveries, such as cruises, a Caribbean getaway, a Mediterranean adventure, and much more.

Dinner Party

Host a dinner party or attend one. Anyone who hosts a dinner party is in complete control of the drink options and the food menu. A dinner party is a great way to keep the night early if preferred and to minimize temptation. The host controls the beverages and how long to allow people to stay. A dinner party can be a few courses or a full-blown tasting menu. The decision is up to the host.

Game Night

A game night could consist of many possibilities. Choose games the attendees will enjoy. It is possible to have a video game night with either old-school classics or new favorites. Some people might be interested in an augmented and virtual reality night; whereas, other people may like interactive gaming consoles. And do not underestimate the fun of a good old-fashioned board game night.

Make a Day of It

Call off the night and make it a day. Spend the day with family or friends rather than go out at night. Do an activity that is likely to be a bit exhausting so that you are not tempted to go to a bar or club later in the night. Some activities might include snow skiing, hiking, trail exploring, shopping and a late lunch, a pickleball competition, or anything else that keeps your mind busy.

Mindful Practice

Practicing mindfulness is an exceptional way to stay dedicated to your healthy living. One of the best ways to do so is through meditation. Consider attending a meditation retreat through the New Year night and day. A walk in the woods or a park is another way to take stock of your life and keep your perspectives in order.

Mocktail Party

A mocktail party can be just as fun as a party with alcohol without the spills and toxic inebriation of guests. Signature drinks are a great way to start the party right. The Internet is filled with countless alcohol-free beverage recipes. And with the invention of carbonated beverage makers, non-alcoholic beverages have never been so good. Do not forget about serving delicious appetizers, and be sure to have a little something for all food preferences and restrictions.

Movie Marathon

Avoid the crowds and temptation with a movie marathon. It is possible to have one with friends, family, or a special someone. Choose a theme and find as many movies within that theme as possible. As a bit more fun have everyone dress up as their favorite characters, and serve food that goes along with the theme, as well.


Do some good with your night and volunteer on New Year’s Eve. Plenty of people are without families or homes over the holiday season. Take some time to volunteer at a shelter or anywhere else that needs assistance. Host a blanket and clothing drive. Dedicate the night to spend with veterans. Or volunteer your time to serve those less fortunate in a soup kitchen. Do not forget about the animals, too.

A New Year’s Eve does not have to end in drunken debauchery. Everyone can have an amazing night free of drugs and alcohol. Spend the night learning a new skill, hosting a dinner or mocktail party, practicing mindfulness, watching movies, or volunteering. Choose a favorite activity and make it happen.


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