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Addiction can run in your family, and the children of Ozzy Osbourne certainly had their battles with addiction and mental health, just like their famous rock star father. Now Ozzy’s daughter Kelly is speaking out about how she maintains her sobriety and mental health.

Kelly Osbourne Comes Clean

Kelly has endured seven rehab stays, and she also was committed to mental hospitals twice. She candidly laid out her troubles in a 2017 memoir called There is No F*cking Secret: Letters From a Badass Bitch.

As Osbourne told The Sun that she’s currently in therapy every week, and she said, “I believe everybody should have therapy. Your mind, body, and soul are the full package. I try and go once a week.” She also adds, “What I’ve learned is that no amount of therapy or medication is going to work unless you want it to. Until you want to be a good person, you will never be one.”

How An Addiction Began

Osbourne told The Fix she first got hooked when she was a teenager. After getting her tonsils removed, she started taking Vicodin. As the Sun reports, Kelly became addicted because she was suffering from depression as well.

“I found, when I take this, people like me,” she recalls. “I’m having fun, I’m not getting picked on. It became a confidence thing.” But eventually, it got to the point where “the only way I could even face my life was by opening that pill bottle, shaking out a few pills – or a handful – into my palm, and throwing them down my throat.”

Osbourne went to rehab a number of times, and suffered a addiction relapse in L.A. “Every day I was taking more and more pills, hoping that I wouldn’t wake up.” Kelly also had mental health issues, adding, “My mum even had me put in a padded cell to scare me, but like a brat, I just sat it out until she said, ‘Well, that’s not going to work.’”

Even though she grew up with a wild rock star father, Osbourne told Daily Mail, “My parents were very strict. We were never allowed to swear when we were growing up in England because we lived in a quaint little village and everyone already knew that my dad was a madman, so my mum never wanted to give people another excuse not to like us. As a child, Motley Crue used to babysit me.”

How Kelly Stays Sober and Sane

In her memoir, Osbourne wrote, “Now, I manage pain through creativity, friendship, and self-care. The crazier my life gets, the more focused I become on the things that make me feel good.” As she tells the Daily Mail, “Ten years ago, I didn’t think I’d be alive today.”

The Osbourne clan certainly learned a lot from poppa Ozzy, who struggled with his mental health and addiction issues for many years. He told Rolling Stone in 2017, “By all accounts, I should have been dead fucking 40 years ago.” He added, “I wasn’t so much of a dad as I was an extra delinquent child for my wife…I was in a fucking bar on the floor all the time, which I’m not proud of. Being sober gives them hope I’m here to stay. My relationship with my kids now is great.”


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