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How to Love Summer While Staying Sober

Summertime can be an awesome time of year. For many, the warm weather, lack of school for many, the unstructured free time, long evenings, beaches, parties, downtime etc. are looked forward to all year long.

For many in recovery however, this period, and those same summer features are an incredibly challenging time filled with triggers, temptations, exposure and a lot of time to “kill”.

So how can you enjoy the summer while still maintaining your stability and sobriety?

1. Get a job.

While not your typical summer choice, a job provides several critical elements: structure, an excuse to leave negative environments, a reason to get up, mental stimulation, and purpose. The added benefit of some (not too much) cash for the surf and hiking supplies or summer concerts isn’t bad either.

2. Schedule your day.

While you may not need to fill every second of your summer with activities, it is critical that you at least design a plan for your days, weeks, and weekends. In this fashion you have a structure that you can fall back on or follow. It helps to share this structure with a supportive friend or family member so they can assist you with following it.

3. Hobbies and growth.

It’s important at the very least to be engaged in activities that lead to growth in and of themselves. Learning a language, a sport, a trade, to fix an engine, build a shed, plant a garden etc. are all good ways to use unstructured time to move forward. Having things like these also gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

While not all inclusive these are some ways to keep yourself focused and on track all summer long.

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