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How to manage your time to a happier life!

Life is full of stuff, and things, and stuff. Schedules, drama, chaos, appointments, classes, responsibilities, obligations, bills, relationships, expectations, and again more…stuff.

While some of us are born with the gift of being able to hold it all together (and prepare holiday cards) for the majority of humankind the stresses of life can really add up and well, stress you out. Miss a beat and everything comes piling up behind you, just before it comes crashing down on your head.

Though the challenges faced by mere mortals might be formidable, the first foundational skill needed to tackle life and its “stuff” is that of Time Management.

Time management is as it sounds: the ability to properly manage time. Yours or others.
This skill is simple, yet hard to master and most schools don’t teach it.

The good news for the time challenged is that there are a multitude of easily accessible tools to help with this arduous task.

1. The Calendar:

As “old school” as this seems, the calendar was good enough for the caveman (albeit a bit less “paper-y”) and it’s a solid and dependable way to track your time. There are plenty of choices to meet the stylistic needs of anyone with pocket versions all the way up to the full sized massive calendars. Writing things down by hand is also an excellent memory cue.

2. The App:

There are thousands of wonderful and cleverly designed apps, many of which are free, that are designed to both track schedule (with Calendar and Alarm features) as well as email you and others reminders, track attachments, addresses, travel
Time etc. Though there is a slight learning curve attached to this method as well as occasional compatibility challenges between phones/computers/software, the app is often the most comprehensive choice.

3. The assistant:

Though having a full time in person assistant can often be prohibitive (though they would cover 1,2, and 3 while getting your dry cleaning), there are a variety of really awesome assistant services that allow you to outsource many of your tasks to a virtual or telecommuting assistant for a low monthly fee. Additionally technology services in the form of a digital assistant “in a box” are offered by Google and Amazon among others for home or office for under $200.

In addition utilizing these tools, taking the time to practice memory techniques and take courses on time management and personal organization can go a long way in making you both more relaxed and more efficient.

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