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How a small gesture can change the course of someone’s life forever, start now!

There are a million different ways in which people communicate. Across countries and continents, across digital and analog platforms, at home, at work, in school, high, low, in good times and bad. Humans tend to be social creatures, and with the advances in technology there are more ways than ever to connect.

Many times however the ways in which people communicate and connect can be painful, cause stress, anxiety, hate, depression, resentment etc. Bullying, Phobias, Extreme Viewpoints, Abuse, dishonesty, narcissism all penetrate the fabric of our social lives, and in many, many ways and many settings a culture has begun to develop in which negativity is acceptable. The results include an increase in mental health issues, substance abuse, even suicide. Just a few weeks ago a young person live-streamed their own death for the world to see.

In face of adversity Many fall prey to the feelings of depression, anxiety and resentment, others are apathetic, and others yet are explosive and extreme in their pursuit to eliminate the negativity. While there are many ways to make a difference, and influence a culture, here are a few tips for making a difference in your school, home, community, and the world without holding public office, being a school teacher, Political Activist, Nobel Prize winner, Movie Star, Rockstar, or incredibly wealthy and powerful.

Be Mindful:

There is so much in life that we take for granted, from the roof over our heads to the person who holds the door open for you at a restaurant. Taking the time to note the good things and let others know that you noticed their positive efforts is a wonderful way to foster positive culture. Simple “Thank You’s” or “You mean a lot to me” or “That made me feel good” or “I value you” statements are wonderful and nearly pain free, even if they can be a bit awkward. Try it and see for yourself how the other person lights up. Many struggling with depression and self-esteem issues have also reported that complimenting others, and giving back in this fashion contributed to their own growth.

Show Support:

While you may not be ready to rally for hours in the cold or dead of night, many social movements benefit from sharing, donations, and general social media support. Many of these movements are completely peaceful and educated and you are not required to share everything that they put out. Letting others know of the positive things you stand for is a great way to pass the light on.

Speak up:

It seems that today, with all the violence and hate, one would expect others to stand up in support of their fellow, however many times people prefer to avoid rather then address many issues. Much of this can be attributed to their own fear that they will be the lone one standing.
While purchasing a vigilante uniform and weapons and taking the streets by storm may not be the most practical (though it makes for great movie topics), there are many ways in which you can be someone’s hero including: Volunteering, Charity, helping someone cross the street, visiting the sick, offering your seat on the bus/train, sharing a meal, sharing a hug, mentoring, standing in solidarity, sitting beside someone in support, stopping a fight, reporting a crime, offering guidance, etc. Saving a life is like saving the world, and it often only takes a small gesture to change the course of someone’s day or life. Try it and you will be hooked.

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