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Spirituality and Recovery

Spirituality, most often associated with organized religion and God, is something that many avoid. In recovery however spirituality is something that is discussed rather frequently. Addiction is referred to as a “spiritual malady”, we discuss our connection with our higher power, we have spirituality groups and meditation, and try to find our spiritual path.

Spirituality does not have to be an adverse topic and in fact can be an incredible asset to those struggling with and recovering from Mental health and Addiction issues.

Loosely stated, spirituality encompasses the idea of interconnectedness, of balance and place. Spirituality can refer to the nature of our relationship with our higher power as much as it relates to our connection with others and our place within the world around us. Spirituality and becoming spiritually connected allows us to discover our purpose by seeing how we relate to the world around us and most importantly how we impact this relationship.

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Many who struggle with addiction or depression do so because of pain, loss, trauma, and other factors and engage in negative behaviors in an effort to sever their connections to the world around them. Many engage in the same behaviors to try and draw attention to, or experience more intensely, degraded connections to the world around them. Same behaviors, but with two opposing goals, both spiritual in nature.

By working to become more spiritually aware we can begin to see how the various parts connect and the cause and effect of our actions and those of the world around us on each other.

Reaching the goal of spiritual connectedness is a lifetime pursuit and not a “quick fix” but here are some ways to get started:

1. Look in:

Taking a close look at yourself is not an easy task, and one that can often require the assistance of a guide, coach, therapist, mentor etc. Knowing your pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, and what drives you is key to establishing your spiritual identity.

2. Look out:

Take note of how you impact the world around you. Are you aware of your physical impact in a room? Do you bring positivity or negativity to your surroundings? Do you reach out or get lost in your head? Is there more you can do to change your situations? To change others situations? Are you aware of how you effect people day to day? It is important to be aware of your impact, positive, negative, or neutral on the world around you. It’s part of being connected.

3. Take note:

This journey is one of reflection and introspection and as such it is important to document the process. Journaling is a valuable tool as well as expressive documentation such as Art, Music, Poetry, and other mediums. Being able to document and reflect on the growth is key to maintaining it.

4. Pass it on:

There is a saying that if you know 1 teach another 1. You don’t have to be a spiritual guru to give back and help another along their path, in fact giving back is an integral part of spiritual growth. If you see someone struggling, offer to help by passing on something you learned and perhaps inspiring them to begin their journey toward healing and self discovery.

At The Detox Center of Los Angeles we believe in a clinical, spiritual and community approach to the Recovery process. Contact us to begin your journey today!


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