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Many current TV shows have been dealing seriously with mental health and depression issues. Now several entertainment sites have listed current shows that take an honest look at depression and mental health.

As the site, High Snobiety writes, “In the last year, a new and captivating frontier for television has popped up in an unexpected place: teen drama…While we have seen almost everything you can think of on TV when it comes to adults,” shows like 13 Reasons Why, and The End of the F***ing World “don’t shy away from tough conversations…the conversations they start are just as much a part of enjoying the shows as watching them.”

Verily also points to a number of other shows that deal with mental issues well, including You’re the Worst, Mr. Robot, BoJack Horseman, and the reboot of One Day at a Time. 

On the new edition of One Day at a Time, the mother on the show has PTSD and depression, and she has a hard time coming forward about it because Ariana Brockington told Variety that the character’s background “has a deeply rooted mix of cultural and socioeconomic factors that have conspired to stigmatize people with mental illness, in many cases causing them – and their families – to delay or avoid seeking professional help.”

BoJack Horseman, although it is an animated program, has also been praised for its realistic view of depression. As Verily continues, “The show’s realistic portrayal of the causes of depression shows us that depression is complex, and can actually be rooted in family affairs.”

And with the show You’re the Worst, which deals with two characters in a dysfunctional relationship, Jimmy, and Gretchen, one critic remarks, “Depression is easily misunderstood and hard to know how to respond to. You’re the Worst does a great job at showing that sometimes just being there, without judgment or criticism, is the best thing you can do, which is exactly what Jimmy does for Gretchen.”


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