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The Warped Tour, which featured many great alternative acts for years, is finally coming to an end this summer. But the founder of the Warped Tour, Kevin Lyman, has a new mission in mind for the future. 

As The Fix reports, Lyman has a new organization, Full Energy, No Drugs, or FEND, which may bare a small resemblance to DARE, but this will be a much fuller attack on opioids. This effort will combine apps, gaming, music, and other mediums to unite young people in the fight against addiction, especially in the age of opioids. 

As Lyman explained, “We’re finding there’s just a general lack of knowledge of what are opioids. We’re finding kids are becoming addicted because they twist their ankles in soccer [or] they’re a cheerleader. They’re prescribed something and no one really explains to them that this is an addictive thing, or can be.” 

One the Warped tour, Lyman is thrilled to see local kids getting involved in their civic duties, like providing food for the poor, and helping out non-profit organization. It’s a small group of active people, and Lyman says, “There’s a larger segment of society that’s sitting in their rooms on social media, Snapchatting and watching Netflix. I’m starting to see those kids realizing they have no future doing just that – they need to get out and get engaged.” 


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