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Drug Detox Los Angeles: What You Should Know Before Choosing a Facility

What is Drug Detox?

Long-term drug or alcohol abuse causes physical changes in the brain that lead to it being dependent on those substances to function normally. When a person consumes drugs or alcohol, depending on the substance, they will either create stimulating or depressive effects. The brain will then counteract those effects in an attempt to keep the body functioning normally. For example, depressive substances such as alcohol will cause the brain to release certain chemicals to keep it awake. Over time, with continued use or abuse, the brain becomes used to having to release these chemicals and when the person stops abusing the substance, their brain has not adjusted to not having the substance and continues to produce those chemicals at higher levels. This is what causes the person to experience withdrawal symptoms when stopping substance abuse.

The first step in recovery is drug detox, which is a systematic process of allowing the body to rid itself of drugs and alcohol, which will also cause the person to go through the withdrawal process. Attempting drug detox alone is not recommended as some substances can have dangerous withdrawal symptoms which may lead to a medical emergency. Also, those who attempt to detox on their own are often unsuccessful as they quickly relapse due to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Supervised drug detox in Los Angeles, or medical detox, is a safe and effective way to go through the withdrawal process. Inpatient drug detox will provide around-the-clock medical care from doctors, nurses, and counselors, who will monitor drug withdrawal symptoms and the person’s vitals to ensure their safety. The medical team will use a series of interventions to safely manage to quit drugs’ side effects, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT). The attending doctor will administer medications as you gradually taper off drugs or alcohol which will reduce or eliminate certain withdrawal symptoms. Medications used included ones that are FDA approved for MAT, psychiatric medications, drugs to keep your vitals in check, and over-the-counter medications for milder symptoms.

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If you are ready to rid your body of the harmful substances that have taken over your life, please give The Detox Center of LA a call today at (888) 346-4350 and learn more about our same-day admissions. 

Who Should Consider Drug Detox?

Anyone who is wanting to quit drug or alcohol abuse should consider medically supervised drug detox in Los Angeles. Those who have severe addiction should especially consider going through medical detox instead of attempting it on their own. Individuals with addiction to either alcohol, benzodiazepines, or opioids should also detox in a medically supervised setting as these substances can cause dangerous and even fatal withdrawals.

Drug withdrawals and cravings often cause individuals to quickly relapse when attempting to quit drugs because it is the easiest way to stop uncomfortable symptoms, which may lead to an accidental overdose. For all alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms, whether they are fatal or not, it is important to seek around the clock medical care and support. Drug detox will provide a controlled environment that will allow anyone to complete the withdrawal process successfully. Individuals will be appropriately supported with medications, clinical approaches, and emotional support. Medical detox programs will help anyone go through the withdrawal process much more easily and reduce many of the scary and lonely feelings that go along with detoxing. It can help provide a solid foundation for drug rehab, allowing individuals to enter their program with a clear head and body.

3 Steps of Drug Detox

The drug detox process in Los Angeles consists of 5 to 10 days under a medically supervised medication regimen to assist in safely withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. During the process, withdrawal symptoms will worsen for a few days before your body begins to regulate itself normally again and you feel better. The process can last for several days or week depending on several factors including type of substance(s) used, severity of substance abuse, length of addiction, and the person’s sex, age, weight, and overall health. There are generally three stages to drug detox, which are:

  1. Intake. The first step is a thorough physical and psychological evaluation to help your medical team anticipate what your detox may look like and create a personalized treatment plan. Clinicians can also measure the appropriate level of care needed during this time.
  2. Stabilization. Through various interventions, clinicians will attempt to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings until they stop and you are stabilized. At this point, you will have more clarity and feel what it is like living without substance abuse, which will allow you to be more accountable for actions and self-aware of the destructiveness of addiction.
  3. Preparation for Entry into Treatment. Drug detox also serves as a way to begin treating the psychological effects of addiction. Clinical staff will discuss drug rehab with you, what they feel the best course of treatment is, and help you transition into behavioral therapy in inpatient or outpatient rehab.

How to Choose a Drug Detox in Los Angeles

Choosing the right drug and alcohol detox center in Los Angeles can feel overwhelming. With the rise in addiction, there has been an uptick in ineffective rehab centers with a focus solely on monetary gain. This can leave those struggling with substance use disorders confused on where and how to find effective detox treatment options. When researching for drug detox centers in LA, some things to look for in treatment facility are:

  • Accreditation, Licensing, and Certifications. Reputable drug detox and rehab centers are accredited by The Joint Commission or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), which demonstrate quality, value and positive results.
  • Licensed and Certified Clinical Staff. Credentials and licensure ensure the facility staff who provide recovery programming and services meet effective care. Medical doctors and nurses are necessary to prescribe and administer medications needed in medical detox.
  • Use of Medication Assisted Treatment. The treatment facility uses FDA approved medications for treating withdrawals and cravings. Some facilities may complement these services with holistic therapies, but they do not use them solely for drug detox.
  • Major Health Insurance Companies are Accepted. Your health insurance plan may cover medical detox needs and reputable treatment facilities will accept major health insurance plans.
  • Do Not Offer Miracle Cures. The treatment facility is not offering to cure your addiction. Substance use disorder is a chronic, relapsing disorder that requires comprehensive detox and rehab plans to help the individual overcome addiction and self-manage it long-term through behavioral therapy and other services.

Call the Detox Center of LA Today for Help with Drug Detox in Los Angeles

The Detox Center of L.A. offers medical drug and alcohol detox in Los Angeles. We provide a safe place for those struggling with substance abuse to detox more comfortably. Our trained and certified medical and clinical staff are available around-the-clock to monitor your vitals and administer medication assisted treatment to ease withdrawals and cravings. Counselors at The Detox Center are also available 24/7 to help you through the toughest part of recovery and help you transition into one of our drug rehab programs. Patients will reside in one of our small comfortable multiple bedroom apartments furnished comfortably and with several amenities. We include a private chef who prepares freshly prepared nutritious meals to help the body properly detox from toxic substances along with other holistic services including yoga and exercise classes.

If you are ready to rid your body of the harmful substances that have taken over your life, please give The Detox Center of LA a call today at (888) 346-4350 and learn more about our same day admissions. 


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Will my insurance cover treatment for addiction?

The Detox Center of L.A. accepts most major insurance providers and private healthcare policies. We offer free insurance verification as well as eligibility and benefits for both behavioral and mental health treatment services. Please fill out our insurance verification form here to verify your insurance.

What happens in addiction

Effective addiction treatment programs are tailored to each individual. Because of this, it will be a different experience for everyone. However, it generally involves a combination of detoxification, group and individual therapy, educational presentations, and aftercare planning in order to ensure long-term recovery. Upon arrival at The Detox Center of L.A., you can expect our professionally trained staff to create an individualized treatment plan based on your needs and treatment goals.