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Start Dry January Off Right with These 7 Tips

What is Dry January?

Alcohol is one of the most damaging substances that is often abused and every new year, many people look to a Dry January to help them to start the new year in a clean, sober way. Dry January is a personal challenge to avoid alcohol for the entire month of January. It was first created by Alcohol Change UK to encourage people to welcome the new year by not drinking any alcohol.

Following the holidays, many people will have had their fill of alcoholic drinks but since alcohol is an addictive substance, ensuring that you don’t develop an addiction due to heavy and binge drinking during the holidays is an excellent idea. Dry January is especially a good idea for someone who thinks that they might be forming an addiction to alcohol due to frequent heavy drinking and if a person is unable to keep to the month of abstinence, then it may be a sign to seek additional help to stop it from going any further.

The Detox Center Los Angeles encourages joining Dry January to help promote a healthy body and mind following the holiday season. Join Dry January this year and enjoy the many benefits that stopping alcohol intake can have.

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11 Benefits of Dry January

Alcohol is very destructive to both body and mind. If you partake in Dry January, there are several important benefits that you might take advantage of. The following is a list of benefits that avoiding alcohol consumption can give you.

  1.     Healthier heart: Reduced heart failure risk, lowered blood pressure, and reduced fat (triglycerides).
  2.     Helps your liver to heal: Heavy and frequent drinking can damage your liver but thankfully the liver can repair itself and stopping drinking can do just that.
  3.     Weight loss: Many alcoholic beverages are high in calories. Stopping drinking can help you to lose some of the weight that you might have put on during the holidays.
  4.     You’ll be safer on the road: While you should never drink and drive, you might find yourself driving a car while intoxicated. Avoiding alcohol altogether will help you to avoid driving your car under the influence.
  5.     Improve relationships: A drinking problem can do more than impact your health and mental well-being; it can lead to problems in your relationships, too. A Dry January can help you to mend your relationships.
  6.     You’ll get a better night’s rest: Drinking alcohol can make you wake up several times at night leading to a bad night’s rest. You’ll get a better night’s sleep if you stop drinking.
  7.     You’ll be less likely to get sick: Alcohol weakens the body’s immune system. Even just one drink can weaken your immune system so stopping alcohol consumption can help you not get sick.
  8.     Your sex life may improve: Drinking several drinks in a night can have a negative impact on your sexual performance.
  9.     You’ll save money: Alcohol is expensive and supporting a drinking habit even more so. Giving up alcohol for a month can help you to save a surprising amount of money.
  10. Lower your blood pressure: If you drink a lot of alcohol, your blood pressure will be high. Stopping drinking for a month can help to get your blood pressure back to healthy levels thereby reducing the risk of serious medical conditions such as health problems.
  11. You’ll improve your mood: As a depressant, alcohol can negatively impact your mood, especially during the aftereffects. Stopping alcohol consumption can lift your mood and help you to keep a fairly stable mood instead of a fluctuating one that you might have while drinking.

Dry January

7 Tips to Get a Good Start to Dry January

So, you want to take part in Dry January but you’re unsure of how to go about doing it or are looking for Dry January tips to help you stay motivated and focused. The Detox Center Los Angeles has you covered with our tips to help you get a good start on your Dry January. They are as follows.

  1.     Start with a plan: Your plan will help you to stay motivated by creating a list of goals that you wish to accomplish. They can serve as a reminder if you find yourself considering a drink. Make smaller goals that are easier to achieve as they will help to motivate you as you accomplish them.
  2.     Find a way to cope: Coping mechanisms for when you start to crave alcohol are important. It can be something as simple as deep breathing exercises or physical exercise such as taking a run. Meditation and mindfulness exercises can also be useful.
  3.     Avoid things that trigger you: You should have an idea of what triggers you such as a friend that invites you out to drink or having alcohol in the house. Avoid your triggers as it will help to make your abstinence easier to uphold.
  4.     Get plenty of exercise: Physical activity is a natural way to make yourself feel good. Even if you aren’t craving alcohol, participating in regular exercise has a host of benefits that can help you feel healthier and happier.
  5.     Have a support system: Having friends and family that are there to support you in your Dry January goals can make all the difference on the more difficult days.
  6.     Find alternatives: A non-alcoholic drink in social settings can be just the thing that helps you to maintain your sobriety. Find healthy alternatives to drinking alcohol so you don’t feel left out in social situations.
  7.     Get professional help: If you realize that you may have a problem with alcohol attempting Dry January, it can be the sign you need to seek professional help which is available in abundance if you just ask.

What if I Don’t Successfully Complete Dry January?

A slip-up can feel defeating but remember, you gave it a good try and your intentions were there. You may also have alcohol use disorder (alcohol addiction) and the road in front of you may take more than a solo attempt at stopping; you may need professional assistance to help you to maintain your sobriety.

If you slip up and have a drink, recommit to the rest of the month and carry on using your plan and various tips to help you avoid alcohol.

You Don’t Have to Settle for Dry January: Find Recovery Year-Round at The Detox Center of LA

At The Detox Center of LA, we provide comprehensive ways to help someone quit alcohol and other drugs. If attempting Dry January was a wake-up call for you that might have a drinking problem, then take some time to call The Detox Center so that we can help you with the intense withdrawal symptoms that you might be experiencing that may be preventing you from quitting alcohol.

The Detox Center of LA will help you to safely get through withdrawal, which is important for alcohol dependence and then provide you with comprehensive behavioral therapy treatment programs to help you maintain your newfound sobriety by treating the underlying causes of your alcohol addiction.

Call today to find out how we can help you with alcohol use disorder or alcohol abuse so that you can not only finish your Dry January but get your alcohol consumption under control for good.


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