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Medication Assisted Treatment MAT Program in Irvine

If you are searching for rehabs in Los Angeles or near Irvine, CA, you should consider The Detox Center of LA for our comprehensive addiction treatment programs. We offer residential treatment and medical detox in a safe, luxury setting. If you are looking for an alcohol and drug rehab center near Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, or Santa Ana that offers partial hospitalization programs or intensive outpatient programs, we can refer you to one of our area network rehab partners. 

When you visit our rehab center, we can discuss medication assisted treatment as a treatment option along with our admission process. During the admission process, we can verify your insurance, discuss forms of payment accepted, and allow you to tour our facilities. Our addiction specialists can provide you with information about recovery processes and our myriad of addiction treatments.

After enrolling in our detox and rehab center in Los Angeles, we can begin medication assisted therapy right away if you can benefit from its inclusion in your treatment plan. We understand that settling into a new environment can be stressful, so we do all we can to support each client’s comfort and wellbeing. In addition to our clinical therapies, we offer a wide array of holistic therapies and amenities designed to enhance recovery processes. Some of these include meditation, yoga, fitness classes, and chef-prepared nutritious meals. After detox or as soon as clients begin to feel better, they may enjoy our onsight games or movie nights. 

Contact The Detox Center of Los Angeles to get the support you need to end your dependence on drugs and alcohol. Make your dream of Irvine sober living a reality with our help. We treat the mind, body, and spirit, helping each client achieve their recovery goals. Don’t put off getting the help you need. Contact us today to start your recovery journey.

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MAT Addiction Treatment in Irvine

Substance use disorders are complex conditions that are chronic and, invariably, relapsing without effective disease management. Today, substance abuse treatment takes many different forms in order to target the many different aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. Medication assisted treatment MAT has become an important health treatment that many of the best addiction treatment centers in and near Los Angeles, California employ today. If you are searching for medicationassisted treatment MAT in Irvine, CA, for addiction to drugs and alcohol, you can find the support you need at The Detox Center of Los Angeles.


The Detox Center of LA offers medication assisted treatment for clients who can benefit from certain medications that address their treatment needs. As an MAT drug rehab, we rely on the best medications designed to treat withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings associated with substance use disorders. MAT can help clients build a strong addiction recovery foundation, but it’s not the right treatment course for everyone.


When you visit The Detox Center of LA, we will carefully evaluate your condition in order to recommend the right treatment plan for you. We are a residential rehab near Irvine that offers medical detox programs for alcohol and drug addiction as well as a wide range of addiction therapies that include medicationassisted treatment. In addition to treatment MAT, we also offer drug and alcohol abuse treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, emotional self-regulation therapy, relapse prevention, trauma therapy, family therapy, art therapy (creative healing), denial management, dialectical behavior therapy, anger management, life and social skills, and more. 


Additionally, our recovery center features dual diagnosis treatment to ensure that clients who have cooccurring disorders like depression or post traumatic stress disorder get the simultaneous treatments the need to manage both of their health conditions successfully. We offer medication management for dual diagnosis, which is different from medication assisted treatment MAT, but may form part of a client’s individualized treatment plan when needed. 


Is medication assisted treatment right for you? After we evaluate your healthcare needs during our intake and enrollment process, we can recommend the ideal treatment programs for you. Medically assisted treatments that involve medications are often prescribed to clients with an alcohol addiction or opioid addiction because they can help reduce the cravings that are so persistent and powerful during the early stages of addiction recovery. To learn more about this compelling treatment, read on.

What Is MAT?

Medicationassisted treatment MAT involves the use of medications to treat substance use disorders, primarily opioid addiction and alcohol addiction. The use of medications for addiction treatment has evolved since the first methadone clinic rehabs began to offer drug treatment for opioid dependency. Initially, the use of drugs to treat drug addiction was regarded as controversial since the entire premise driving addiction recovery focused on reducing drug dependence. However, early MAT drugs like methadone demonstrated that people could gradually reduce their dependence on illicit drugs like heroin by taking a less powerful drug like methadone that’s safer, reduces cravings, and doesn’t get them high. 


Today, there are many drug treatments that are actually much safer than methadone. At The Detox Center of LA, we offer various medications that support clients as they undergo alcohol or drug detox and later when they’re working through their rehab treatment plans. Some clients find that they only require medication support during their medical detox phase of recovery. Others need medication management throughout their recovery process. 


MAT is not a stand-alone treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. It is effective when combined with behavioral therapy and related addiction treatments. MAT alleviates the cravings and discomfort associated with withdrawal symptoms and addiction recovery, allowing clients to more easily focus on their other addiction treatments–those treatments that help them develop strategies for managing their triggers for substance misuse. At our inpatient rehab, clinicians carefully monitor clients to ensure that they’re medications and other treatments are providing clients with the support they need to progress toward lasting recovery. 


There are many different medications used to treat substance use disorders. Our recovery center may prescribe medications during methamphetamine detox, benzodiazepines detox, alcohol detox, and heroin detox. The detox process may last between 5-10 days. Medications can greatly reduce unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, helping clients rest as their body begins to heal and overcome its substance dependence.  


Some clients experience withdrawal symptoms that persist beyond medical detox. While these symptoms tend to dissipate over time, they can still be problematic. Strong cravings to use alcohol or opioids, for example, can threaten the recovery process. Medications can reduce these cravings, making them an important form of relapse prevention for some clients. Today, many detox centers and addiction treatment centers near Irvine, CA, and elsewhere offer medication assisted treatment because it can greatly enhance long-term recovery.


What To Expect During MAT?

There are many different treatment paths for authentic recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. If you are a candidate for MAT, clinicians will carefully explain any medications before prescribing them. During drug or alcohol detox, medications are widely prescribed. First, medications can alleviate withdrawal symptoms so that clients can relax without intense discomfort. Comfort is important, but controlling these symptoms is essential. Severe symptoms can actually trigger some medical emergencies such as heart irregularities or seizures. The use of medications can help ward off these more serious side effects of alcohol and drug disuse. 


During detox programs, if you’re feeling discomfort, clinicians can provide treatments that include medications to alleviate the discomfort. Medications might include sedatives or drugs for pain management. Clients who are experiencing anxiety or depression may begin treatment with antidepressants. As you undergo detox, you can expect individualized treatment that includes the use of medications if you need them.


As you complete the detox process, however, you may still feel unstable and experience cravings to use. These cravings can make it difficult to focus on your addiction therapy. If this is the case, you may benefit from continued medication assisted treatment as you begin your behavioral therapy treatment plans. Some clients may experience side effects from the medications that might include nausea, dry mouth, or fatigue. Often, however, these side effects diminish as people become used to the medications.


Many clients wonder how long they may need medication assisted treatment. That depends on each person. Some people rely on medications for weeks, months, or even years. Medication assisted treatment has been shown to reduce opioid overdose and support lasting recovery. You can expect clinicians to monitor your use and routinely request how your recovery is progressing. During the process, you may need an adjustment in your medications. You may also choose to forgo them as you become more stable.


Expect your clinicians to remind you that medications are not a substitute for behavioral therapy. While they can reduce cravings and some discomfort associated with the recovery process, you should not expect them to manage all of your triggers to use drugs and alcohol. During your behavioral therapy sessions, you will learn how to manage these triggers using a variety of techniques and strategies.