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Clonazepam Abuse and Addiction

Clonazepam Addiction & Treatment

Since 1999, prescriptions of benzodiazepine drugs have quadrupled. The wide availability of these prescription medications has coincided with an increase in benzo addictions. Clonazepam is a benzodiazepine that depresses the central nervous system to produce a calming effect. Like other benzos, Clonazepam has risks of addiction and abuse. A person who has developed a dependence on this prescription drug and suddenly stops using it can experience severe withdrawal symptoms. Clonazepam addiction stories have become more commonplace at alcohol and drug treatment centers. 


At The Detox Center of Los Angeles, benzodiazepine addicts can get the medically supervised drug addiction treatment and dual diagnosis treatment they need to manage their substance abuse disorder and mental health treatment if cooccurring disorders (i.e. anxiety disorder, panic disorders) are present. With benzo detox and other rehab treatment programs, clients can manage this addiction and achieve lasting recovery.

What Is Clonazepam?

Clonazepam is the generic form of the drug Klonopin. As a benzodiazepine, Clonazepam works by altering the activity of some of the brain’s neurotransmitters. The drug is prescribed to treat panic attacks and anxiety disorders as well as some types of seizure disorders. Doctors may also prescribe Clonazepam to reduce alcohol withdrawal symptoms or treat insomnia. Clonazepam is available in tablet and disintegrating tablet forms.


People who take Clonazepam as directed feel relief from their symptoms of their anxiety disorder and panic, for example. However, some people abuse Clonazepam because they enjoy the feelings of sedation and calm it produces. Like many other benzodiazepines, it is a drug of abuse and can also be highly addictive. The Drug Enforcement Administration lists Klonopin / Clonazepam as a Schedule IV drug. The drug may safely be prescribed for treating the above mentioned conditions, but it has a serious potential for dependence and abuse.

Clonazepam Effects

Like other benzodiazepines, Clonazepam works by slowing down or depressing the central nervous system. At the same time, Clonazepam boosts the production of GABA, which is a neurotransmitter that naturally occurs in the brain and acts as the “brakes” for other neurotransmitters that are released during times of high stress. Controlling the neurotransmitters that are released during times of significant stress can reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Other effects of Clonazepam include: headache, feeling sleepy, difficulty concentrating, reduced coordination, and difficulty breathing. 

Signs of Clonazepam Abuse and Addiction

Clonazepam / Klonopin addictions and abuse often involve certain signs and symptoms that include:

  • Using the drug without a prescription
  • Increasing the dose of the drug without a doctor’s prescription
  • Doctor shopping in order to obtain more of this drug
  • Buying the drug on the street or taking someone else’s prescription
  • Need to use more of the drug to experience its effects
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms after not taking the drug for a period of time

Clonazepam Withdrawal Symptoms

One reason people shouldn’t Clonazepam detox at home is because the withdrawal phase can trigger severe symptoms. Medically supervised detox is advisable for benzodiazepines detox because acute withdrawal that triggers health emergencies is possible. Clonazepam / Klonopin withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate
  • Muscle aches
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Seizures

Drug and alcohol detox at our rehab center is safe because our clinicians monitor the withdrawal and detox process. We offer medication assisted treatment as well as drugs that reduce severe Klonopin withdrawal symptoms before they can trigger health emergencies.

Long Term Side Effects of Clonazepam Abuse

Like other benzodiazepine prescription drugs, Clonazepine can cause long-term health effects such as depression, vertigo, reduced concentration, memory loss, and muscle weakness. Some people may develop antisocial behaviors, aggression, and hostility. Protracted Clonazepam / Klonopin withdrawals are possible. The risk of overdose and polydrug addictions are also at heightened risk with benzo addictions.

Clonazepam Addiction Treatment

Like any alcohol and drug addiction, a prescription drug addiction involving Clonazepam is dangerous. Someone who abuses Klonopin or Clonazepam and becomes addicted needs inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment and, very likely, enrollment in prescription drug detox to manage this addiction. The Detox Center of Los Angeles, California offers multiple levels of care, including residential treatment, detox programs, outpatient treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, mental health treatment, and a wide range of evidence based and holistic addiction treatments like cognitive behavioral health, saltwater therapy, family therapy, and more. Addiction to Klonopin or Clonazepam is serious. Don’t wait to start your addiction recovery process at our treatment facility right away.